Video Streaming Three Methods One Choice

If you’ve visited websites with video streaming you will likely find there are three separate means of accessing the video presentation. These three methods rely on separate technologies to accomplish a similar goal, but each method has a slightly different effect on your prospect.

1) Progressive Download

This method provides a combination of methods to present your video stream. It downloads the video file, but can begin to play the video before it is fully downloaded. This method cannot be considered a true stream in that a true stream does not require a download to your hard drive ‘ even if that download is to a temporary internet file. The end user is generally satisfied with the viewing speed.

2) Download

This method is the least expensive method, but requires the end user to completely download a video file to their hard drive. Once it is downloaded they can view it and may have less difficulty in viewing the material repeatedly. However, many consumers lack the patience needed to wait for a download, especially if the video presentation is lengthy.

3) Streaming

In this scenario the end user may be able to watch your video almost as soon as they click the ‘download’ button. Depending on the speed of the computer in use the consumer may see very few interruptions in presentation. This is the most expensive form of video streaming simply because there is ‘no waiting’. Consumers are generally most satisfied with this option.

As consumers become pulled in numerous directions simply because of the hectic pace of life the thought of having to wait for a download may move them away from a video presentation ‘ no matter how good the end result might be.

Many netrepreneurs may gravitate towards providing a Progressive Download because the cost is reduced while the viewing speed is enhanced.

You will need to add marketing funds to cover the cost of any stream. Some estimates are roughly fifty cents a stream download. Essentially this means you need to provide material worth downloading and has the potential to assist you in reaching your marketing objectives.

There are sites where you can upload a video or audio presentation and it is downloadable at no cost to visitors. There are often provisions that likely include directing your visitor off site, placing ads on the site page where the video download can be viewed and last but not least a provision to have the video removed if there is no activity within a certain number of days. This option may be worth investigating, but you have to carefully examine whether is matches your marketing goals or weakens them.

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Video Streaming And The Imagination Consumer

There was a time when Groucho Marx said, ‘I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.’ Everyone laughed at the comment because television didn’t seem very applicable to the way people lived their lives ‘ it was not portable and did not seem practical.

At the time it was believed that television stole the imaginations of people because on the small screens in the corners of rooms across America no one had to listen to the radio and wonder what the world was like that was being described in the ‘theater of the mind’.

Well, times have changed and the growth of video is huge while the statement made by Groucho Marx is laughed at because television has indeed changed the way we view our world.

MTV took the notion of finding meaning in a song to an unusual place where the association you might have with a song was no longer based on a set of personal experiences tied to the song, but rather the video released in support of the single.

Ann Landers once said, ‘Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other.’

Together a generation lamented the passing of imagination as a new generation seemed ill equipped to understand the lamentation song. This new generation not only approved of the entertainment value of video they began demanding the video be portable. From home video to DVD players in vehicles and then to portable devices with on demand video streaming the former lamentation has been inculcated into the very fabric of portable life in the 21st century.

Paddy Chayevsky may have understood this shift when these words were penned, ‘[Television is] the menace that everyone loves to hate but can’t seem to live without.’

Just try managing a trip with the family renting a motel room that does not have a TV. This would be thought of as the ultimate punishment.

For this generation on demand video streaming has made its way to computers and portable devices. They can get caught up on sports highlights, news stories the latest real life videos from YouTube or similar video streaming site, visitors can watch music videos and receive video messages from friends and family fully streamed to they downloadable device for viewing whenever they want to watch.

In 1929 the New York Times reported, ‘TV will never be a serious competitor for radio because people must sit and keep their eyes glued on a screen; the average American family hasn’t time for it.’

This sentiment is proof that we can never really adequately explain the power of certain dynamics that fluctuate from one generation to the next. What we believe is either impossible or impractical today may be the next big thing for a new generation.

Video streaming is a growing phenomenon that seems to be the logical extension of television for an on demand and highly mobile world.

Video streaming is taking us places and in the words of Bill Gates, ‘Where do you want to go today?’

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Streaming video for your website

When considering streaming video for your website, you need to look at all the different ways in which a person can benefit from either viewing or offering streaming video. This is a very popular method of being able to view information and videos on the internet, and there are many reasons for this. While some people offer the ability to download certain materials and video clips from their website, other people are able to offer streaming video from their website in order to help capture the attention of the individuals that are interested in viewing it. First of all, an individual can take up less memory on their website by offering streaming videos.

Offering individuals to download your videos from your website may cause the site to run slower if many people are downloading all at once. When a site or a video is especially popular, this is a good thing when it comes to the video, but it could be a negative thing when it comes to the website from which the video is available. However, this is not the only way in which an individual is able to benefit and proper from being able to offer streaming video from their website to the viewers of the website. More benefits are in store for these individuals, as well as for the individuals that are able to utilize the website for their viewing pleasure.

Streaming video takes up less time when it comes to playing the material in most instances, so many people prefer it to downloading the material. Streaming video for your website can be played almost immediately, much like an individual can turn on their television and see the channels immediately. There are some times in which an individual will need to wait very momentarily in order to watch the video simply because the media player and the host server need to establish a connection, and then the video needs to be buffered, but then it can be played quite easily. Meanwhile, the process of downloading a video can take a longer amount of time since the individual will not be able to play the video at all until it is completely downloaded and the individual has located the file on their computer. Depending on a person’s connection to the internet, the time of this process will vary greatly.

However, compared to streaming video it is in most cases slower than the streaming video is when it is offered on a website. As a result, there are many people that are interested in being offered the chance to view streaming video off of a website as opposed to being able to download a video off of a website and then having to find the file and play it from another media player. It is much less complicated to just play the file on the website, and it often takes much less time to complete this action when compared to the other available options of viewing or playing a particular video or file.

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