Harness Streaming Audio Video with Applian Technologies

Have you ever wanted to tape music from your favorite online radio station or other streaming audio source? Is there an Internet broadcast you would love to listen to, but you’re never at home when it is on?

These are just a couple of the problems that Applian Technology can solve for you. The company’s products allow you to record just about anything off the Internet and save it for your later use.

Applian Technology can help you record streaming audio, video, webcasts, podcasts, XM and Sirius Radio and more. Schedule record times and you’ll never have to miss your favorite Internet shows again.

Applian Technology’s Replay Radio turns your computer into a radio recorder so you can tape shows and listen whenever you like. Other Applian Technology products allow you to capture audio for Windows Media Player and Real Players and to make screen capture videos that you can even add your voice to (for online PowerPoint presentations, for example).

Applian Technology asserts that its products are not to be used to violate intellectual property laws, but they are a great way to capture audio and video streams for your own use on your home computer. You’ll never be tied to the computer for a specific broadcast ever again.

Replay Music by Applian Technology is a true powerhouse program. It can record audio from almost any format and break down the stream into individual songs. it can even find the title and artist information and tag the file automatically. Recording audio from the Internet really doesn’t get any simpler or better than this.

Speaking of simple, Applian Technology’s Replay Radio makes it truly simple to record regularly scheduled Internet radio programs and broadcasts. It’s almost as easy as Ti-Vo and includes a great database of programs to choose from, or you can add your own to record whatever you want and listen to it wherever and whenever you want.

The Applian Technology programs have scored accolades from all the major review websites and magazines, from CNet to PC World, Smart Computing and more. But you don’t have to take their word for it. You can download a free demo of any of their programs to check them out and see how they can work for you.

If you are a fan of Internet radio, music, videos or podcasts, you need to check out all the great programs that Applian Technology has to offer. They will easily change the way you think about audio and video on the Internet and allow you to get more use out of the audio and video resources on the Net than you ever thought possible.

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Musicians discover right now how to quickly and easily create Streaming Audio and Video like a pro

Streaming Audio and Video has always been available to the large corporate sites and techies. Now you can use inexpensive software to produce your own streaming audio or video just like the professionals with no knowledge of programming required. Lets face it when a person comes to your website what would they rather do listen or read.

Hint – You are trying to get people to listen to your music?

Best of all no special servers, monthly fees or additional costs’.

With the web surfer becoming much more ‘web savvy’ than they were a year ago, they are expecting not only information, but an entertaining web experience.

Why Add Streaming Audio or Video to Your Website

*Credibility – Anyone can add some text and graphics however music is a very emotive medium and if your visitors can hear samples then you will find they will have a much more positive response. If done properly you can also generate some good sales if that’s what your wanting.

*Auditory – Statistics show that 30% of surfers are auditory and so if you do not have audio then you are loosing out on a lot of traffic.

* Stickability – Our customers have proven that audio has dramatically increased the time people spend on their site. So many people are now able to get traffic to their websites using Pay Per Click advertising however the next main consideration is keeping them there so you get more from your advertising dollar.

* Current Marketplace – is awash with TV and radio programs so people are already used to the concept and are expecting it on websites. With the average computer being multimedia enabled they almost feel dejected if they can not utilize all the functions.

* The Wow Factor – At present only around 5% of sites utilise any form of streaming media so it creates a wow factor and delivers a lot more word of mouth traffic than any other form of web page functions.

* The Online Population – Streamies, those users who watch or listen to streaming online, represent 44% of all Internet users and 27% of Americans overall. By far, streamies are the most valuable consumer group on the Internet. Streaming media consumers are far more interactive, are more oriented to e-commerce and spend more time online compared with Internet users who don’t stream.’ (EdisonMedia Study, Jan. 2001)

You do not need any technical ability. The latest programs are so easy to use that anyone can add streaming audio or video to their website and stand out from the crowd.

Marketeer’s and business people have always known that a well-placed audio stream can increase sales and signups to their products and services. The problem has always been that the average person could not afford the high cost of special servers or programmers to be able to use this technology. This has all changed with Streaming Audio and Video software available on the market today.

Audio’s power comes from its ability to engage more of your visitor’s senses. The more senses you engage, the easier it will be to effectively communicate. Instead of just reading your words and looking at your picture, you can communicate with your voice or music? and the voices of your clients.

Your site has been sending non-verbal messages for years; now it’s time to break free and let it send a message everyone can hear. Adding audio to your website is not only easy to do, it can help you gain the trust of your site’s visitors, thus increasing your conversion rate. So stop wasting your time and money, and start getting the sales you may be missing.

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What You Need For Podcasting And Audio Creation

What is podcasting you ask?

Podcasting is a way of broadcasting messages over the internet. It allows for subscription to feeds most commonly in MP3 format. Podcasting is a way to automatically transfer files from server to client. The files can be in several formats, images, text, PDF, almost any type which makes this type of broadcasting very flexible.

The term podcasting refers not only to audio files but refers to video files as well, therefore it is actually a ‘show’ of different file formats. Podcasting does not require any ‘over the air’ usage which keeps costs down.

The podcast feeds allow the users to use the audio broadcast on their own computer by downloading the ‘podcast’.The contents can then be read using an RSS or Atom Reader.

Using audio files within web pages is becoming more and more popular.

First you need to decide what type of audio content you will incorporate into your website. Then you will need to ensure all the proper hardware and software is available to accomplish this task.

For good quality recordings you will need a good quality microphone. Always check and make sure your microphone is compatible with your computer sound card. High quality microphones specifically geared toward the audio recording industry will work best. Again compatibility needs to be checked.

Good quality audio software is also needed. There are many software programs available for free on the internet, but best quality will be through more sophisticated audio creator software available online.

Some podcasting software packages available are:

Itunes , iPodder, jPodder, iPodder. These software packages are available for the Mac, PC, Linux. Again just like before check for compatibility with the computer operating system being used.

Most computers already come with audio recording software already installed. Many sound card manufacturers also provide audio recording software with the installation package.

Once you have located the software on your computer or installed the software you will need to adjust the settings to improve the quality. Use the help files within your audio recording software on how to accomplish this.

Written By Farida Madre
Copyright 2006 GoldenStarEbooks.net


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Free Streaming Video

There are a number of people that probably do not realize how many places from which they are able to get free streaming video clips from around their home. For many people, this may be a result of not knowing what the term streaming means. Most people are aware that the term video refers to the pictures and images, sometimes moving and other times still, that are played out over a screen for individuals to view and absorb. Sometimes videos are coherent and act out a scene, other times the videos are less obvious and their reasoning is less easy to understand. However, where many people get lost is understanding what streaming is.

When a video is streamed, it is constantly sent from one source to another. This enables the recipient to be able to receive the video whenever they want, and it is very convenient for the recipient since they are able to decide when they want to and when they do not want to view the streaming video that is offered to them. Free streaming video is the type of video that is offered constantly to the individual from a source point, and it does not cost the individual anything to view the video that is streaming from the origin.

The internet is a great source of free streaming video clips. This is because there have been many sights set up to providing just this type of entertainment to individuals. Some of the content is generic and other videos are much more specific. As with other areas in the world in which videos are shown, there are specific genres when it comes to the free streaming video, and individuals looking for particular genres can usually find acceptable videos. Some of the free streaming video clips are very short and others are very long. Sometimes a website will host a whole slew of different types of free streaming video clips, but in other cases the video clips will be specific to one particular type of genre. While some websites may host videos that have been put together by amateurs, there are some that will only host videos that are more professionally made. The television is also a great example of free streaming video, since basic cable channels are almost always broadcasting, or streaming, and they do not cost money for those who wish to watch the programs on those channels.

Some platforms offer free streaming video and streaming video that is not free. Both the internet and the television are great examples of these platforms. Some websites will either charge per video or a membership fee, as a flat charge for viewing some of the streaming video. At the same time, there are some channels on the television that viewers will have to pay for before they can watch it. Regardless of whether or not individuals pay for any of their streaming video, some of the streaming video offered on the platforms will be free for them to view on a regular and consistent basis.

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Streaming Video Capture Software

Many people have web cams. Whether or not they use these web cameras for adult entertainment, there are a number of different types of things that may occur between individuals that they might want to save. In this instance, streaming video capture software can help an individual to record or save streaming video clips. Streaming videos are different than files that are downloaded because the files do not stay on the computer. The videos are constantly being streamed, or sent out, by the provider, but the individual that is viewing the video cannot do so without connecting to the origin site, unless they have streaming video capture software. The neat thing about streaming video capture software is that there is some that costs money and some that people can find for free.

They allow the individual to capture and keep the streaming video that they are viewing. Without the streaming video capture software, this would not be possible. One of the most popular markets for individuals that use streaming video capture software would be in the areas of adult entertainment. Many sites try to entice members to join by sharing videos, but they are streaming videos. In order to save money in the long run, if not the short run, many people would prefer to purchase the streaming video capture software and copy or duplicate the streaming video than sign up for the adult entertainment website that is offering the streaming video. Some people will sign up anyway, but many others would just prefer to save the money and instead capture the videos so that they do not have to pay in order to be allowed to download them off of the site. Since one site only offers so much over all, many people see it as a better investment to spend the money on the streaming video capture software so they can get videos from different websites, instead of just one website that may not actually have all the different types of videos that the individual wants to see.

A person can use peer to peer sharing file software in order to find streaming video capture software. If a person does not want to do this, there are many online stores that offer streaming video capture software. There are different companies and different standards that have been set on the streaming video capture software options that are out there for the consumers. The correct streaming video capture software depends on the individual’s personal needs and preferences. By deciding what is important to the individual, and what they need from the software, a person can more accurately find the right streaming video capture software, which will help them to have made a wise investment. Finding the right streaming video capture software can help a person a great deal because it will allow the person to get the videos that they want, and it will save them money since they will no longer have to pay money in order to view the videos of their choice.
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Video Streaming Turn In Your Bulletin

A nineteen year-old college student named Ryan stands both behind and in front of the camera in a creative venture known as a video bulletin.

Ryan wanted to use his creativity to do something unique for his church. The result often finds him in a cape or displaying a variety of opportunities within his church like small group studies, mission’s trips, youth group activities or children’s services.

Parishioners look forward to what Ryan will come up with next. In fact, the demand for his efforts have grown so much that the video bulletin is placed on the popular YouTube site and is downloaded by many who attend his church along with many who simply enjoy his impressions of the Blues Brothers, Garth and Wayne or possibly a reenactment of a Japanese martial arts film.

Video streaming is often used by churches to present their weekend messages to those who visit their site, but creative people like Ryan are finding unique ways to make a visual impact in a way previously untapped.

Ryan spends more than six hours each week scripting, filming, editing and adding sound effects to a feature that generally lasts around five minutes, yet some in his congregation indicate this is one of the features they most enjoy in the service.

Other churches are finding ways to make an impact by providing video streams of their drama productions for anyone to enjoy.

Churches across the world are beginning to see opportunity in technology. The growth of video as an accessible medium online has allowed churches like the one Ryan attends to find value in allowing a sought after video stream to be available even when the church doors aren’t open.

While this article has been speaking about churches and their use of the medium, it is an encouragement to businesses to consider the use of video streaming. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but the more fun you have with your video the more fun your viewers will have.

Video streams have proven over and over to be a strong calling card to Internet users. More and more entertainment choices are available in video streaming and deals are continuously inked to provide new content for web users.

If you are looking for traffic building opportunities, you might even consider visiting an existing video streaming site and pasting code to a popular video that is in concert with your site and make it available on your site for visitors.

Video streaming is being embraced by many diverse groups ‘ are you one of them?

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Video Streaming Reaching Out To The On Demand Customer

YouTube and MeTV understand that people want a creative way to express themselves. The anonymity provided by the web has allowed multiple thousands of wannabe stars to shine in low-resolution splendor.

The success of these online video enterprises has encouraged others like Yahoo, AOL and a variety of other media outlets to begin streaming video for online consumption.

Even children’s television is finding ways to allow kids to utilize online video streaming to participate in traditional television broadcasts through MeTV.

Television shows are now being released as video streaming downloads because the public is interested in video content.

Sure, there are uses for educational and knowledge based video streaming, but what about a lighthearted parody of your business?

Some businesses use these video parodies for annual company meetings or they have their staff reenact a portion of a well-known movie. While it may have originally been a fun part of a company meeting this information can be made available as part of a video streaming download allowing multiplied thousands of visitors to gain an appreciation for the humanness of the individuals running the business.

There are times when a good marketing campaign simply means allowing customers to see that you are not opposed to enjoying life. Video streaming is a concept that is sprinkled throughout social websites like MySpace. If your video stream is entertaining you might consider making it available on a site like YouTube. In turn, you may discover that many individuals that frequent social networks may pick your video stream to feature on their website. This scenario simply allows your work to be scattered in a variety of circles. In the end it could mean more site visitors and search engine queries.

The growth of video streaming is in response to the on demand needs of web users who have grown accustomed to having what they want at their fingertips.

Forbes has created an online presence that features extensive company produced news clips and other online video streaming. This component has become a big part of Forbes.com. You will find many more sites are relying on the marketing of their own online ‘network’.

If video streaming didn’t have a positive marketing kick for these companies it wouldn’t be used, but more and more sites are making video streaming a key player in their online marketing strategies.

Whether your content is serious or hilarious, video streaming makes it possible to reach out to a media savvy audience and engaging them in a new way.

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MP3 Audio File Format A new format for storing sounds

MP3 is the latest and the most popular audio format that is used
now. This acronym stands for MPEG Layer 3. It is a compressed
audio format with a compression ratio of up to 12: 1. The sound
quality of the audio in this format is very high. A normal audio file,
which is 1200 KB in size, can be stored in just 100 KB if it is using
the MP3 format. The size of the audio files is very small when
compared to other formats of audio files. This makes it easily

Where to get MP3 audio files?

MP3 audio files are widely available in CDs now. Almost any album
that is released in the world is also sold in the MP3 audio format.
These albums in the MP3 formats are also available in some
websites that are dedicated for MP3 downloads. You can also
purchase these MP3 CDs at any audio store meant for that

MP3 downloads

Free MP3 downloads are also available in some of the websites.
You need to become a member of these sites for a fee to
download unlimited number of songs in the MP3 format. Some of
the sites charge you for each song that is downloaded. Free MP3
downloads for testing the quality of the audio is usually provided
by most of these websites. Websites like www.napster.com allow
free MP3 downloads if you have MP3 players from select
manufacturers. You can download directly to the player by using
the software provided by the website.

How to play a MP3 audio file?

To play a MP3 audio you need separate players whether it is
software or a physical player that can be carried. MP3 software
players are used in your PC to play MP3 audio. Physical players
from many branded manufacturers are available in the market to
play these MP3 audio files.

MP3 Ringtones

With the advent of the mobile phones, it has become a fashion to
make your mobile call you with your favorite songs as Ringtones.
Youngsters particularly teenagers are more interested in using
Ringtones of the songs they like. This has picked up in such a
manner that MP3 Ringtones are now being sold in websites. Many
websites sell Ringtones in the MP3 format. The mobile you are
using should be capable of playing the Ringtones in the MP3 format
to use these MP3 Ringtones. These websites provide you with an
interface to select the model of the mobile phone you have and
then download MP3 Ringtones that suit your mobile phone model.

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ISP Streaming Video From Internet

Internet Service Providers, or ISP companies, are able to offer individuals a number of different things when it comes to their internet. Sometimes, these websites are better for hosting different types of videos, since a faster connection will allow faster downloads and more consistent streaming. When it comes to ISP streaming video from internet servers, there are a number of important things that individuals will need to keep in mind. First of all, a person will want to choose an internet service provider that is reliable. This is important because no matter how fast the connection is, if it keeps cutting out an individual will not be able to upload or download what they want to accomplish. It is also important that the individual know if there are any restrictions when it comes to their connection. Sometimes there is a restriction on the amount that can be downloaded or streamed at once. When it comes to an ISP streaming video from internet servers, it is very important that if the individual notices anything slow of unnerving about the process that they talk to their ISP in case there is any type of problem.

If an individual is wondering what type of ISP streaming video from internet servers are available, the genres are virtually limitless. For some people, the draw will be the fact that there are news videos available. For others, it will be the highlights from sports games and races or fights. And still others will be curious about the ever expanding world of porn on the internet. There are a number of free adult entertainment videos that are available on the internet for individuals that are of age to access. This can vary from place to place and while controls can be put on the computer in order to block certain sites, it will also be important that there are discussions that take place in order to determine what, if anything, will be blocked, this way if anyone ever can’t access something they know why.

Searching for any types of streaming video from the internet is not very difficult. All an individual needs to do is access the search engine of any web browser. From here it is very easy to type in what they want to look for, and to also type in the world free. This will be important if the individual does not want to pay for the video out of pocket. Websites are not paid for by the ISP, so any time that an individual goes to a website and has to pay to see a video, this will be in addition to the internet bill that the individual receives from the internet service provider and they will have to be paid separately. The individual does not need to think they will be reimbursed by their ISP, because this will not happen. Videos can be free if the right resources are used, but if they are not than the individuals need to be aware of what they are getting into.
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How To Download Free and Legal MP3

Free music? Of course! But free and legal music? Yes, it’s possible. Everybody who has ever surfed the Net knows that music can be downloaded freely. Although there are many questionable sites that offer free music, you do not have to do anything illegal to find good music on the Web.

So, where can you download free and legal MP3? Below are some great sites where you can download good music without having to break the law.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at Amazon.com

Amazon.com may be best known for its books, but the site also features a Free Music Downloads section where you can download free and legal MP3s. The site offers music from different genres, including Alternative, Indie, Punk, Blues, Broadway, Children’s Music, Christian, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, International, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Opera, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Soundtracks, and more. If you’re a musician or an artist, you can also upload your own MP3s here for free and let music lovers discover and experience your own brand of music.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at eMusic.com

Perhaps one of the best places to look for and purchase MP3s online is eMusic.com. This is because the site offers files that are not copy-protected, thus letting you download an unlimited number of songs to satisfy your music needs. The music may not come for free but for every new sign up, the site offers up to 50 files completely without charge.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at GarageBand.com

GarageBand is where you can find the best Independent music from the most talented Indie artists. The site has recently partnered itself with MSN music to realize the Internet’s true potential in providing a means for both artists and music fans to connect and transform the music business.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at IUMA.com

IUMA is where you can find and download free and legal MP3s from famous, not-so-famous, and unsigned artists all over the world. If you’re into Indie music then this is the place for you. IUMA is mainly dedicated to bringing you music from undiscovered artists whom you should know about.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at Download.com

CNET’s Download.com is one of the premier places where you can download free and legal MP3s. The site has one of the largest music archives on the Web so you can have your choice of music to suit your taste. At this site, you do not only hear the artist’s music, but you can also take a closer look on how their music came to be by reading artist’s bios and stories.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at AmpCast.com

Ampcast is another music site where you can download free and legal MP3s. Search through their entire archive for Independent artists or music from popular rock/pop groups. And if you don’t like to download anything, you also have the choice to feeds from the Ampcast Surreal Radio. The site also offers great music videos which you can watch through video streaming and community features such as forums and chatroom where you can talk with other music lovers or Ampcast artists about your favorite topic ‘ music.

As you can see, there are plenty of sources of free and legal MP3 music on the Internet, you just have to know where to look.

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