Why You Should Use HD Cameras

Why You Should Use HD Cameras

If you own a camera, as millions of us around the world
do, your probably aware of the fact that there are
many to choose from. The cameras of the past were
black and white, enabling you to take a black and
white photograph that printed out from the camera
right in front of your eyes.

From then, cameras evolved. Digital cameras came
out later on, which the ability to put them on your
computer or even take your camera card to a local
store and have the photos printed out on professional
paper. Over the years, cameras have evolved in so
many ways that it isn’t even funny.

These days, high definition video cameras are
dominating the market. They are relatively new and
quickly catching on, giving you so much you can do
with your camera. Unlike the past, cameras are
now capable of capturing full videos as well, proving
that they are indeed capable of capturing any
memory you can possibly imagine.

High definition video cameras also offer you 20X
zoom lens or more, meaning that you can zoom in
quite a distance on things that you want to capture
up close and personal. For the most part, you can
do things with these cameras that you may have
never before thought possible.

When you capture a picture or video with high
definition cameras, you’ll be very amazed at what
you see. Just like HDTV, the pictures of the
camera are very lifelike. If you have a newborn
baby, a high definition video camera may be just
what you need to capture each and every precious
moment. For this reason and many more, you
shouldn’t hesitate to get a high definition video
camera – that is if you don’t own one already.

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Video Surveillance Cameras Make Your Car Road worthy

Your vehicle darts along the road, continuing to speed faster and faster. You press on the brakes, and discover you’ve lost control over the vehicle’s breaking system! Seconds later, you hit a wall. Proving Newton’s law that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” your head whips back against the headrest. The airbag, which ballooned on impact, cushions your head. With your cranium buried in the inflated airbag, you feel like a dummy, and that is precisely what you are – a crash test dummy. To optimize what they could learn from you, researchers had placed a video surveillance camera on the wall. Such cameras remain useful throughout the life of an automobile.

The Production
From start to finish, the production of an automobile is a very precise and meticulous process. Video surveillance cameras are vital in ensuring that quality control is always maintained. They are mainly used for inspecting many parts, verifying that parts have been positioned properly and in 3D guidance of robots. For instance “smart” cameras are frequently used in various stages of automobile production. The camera helps robots “learn” certain parts. The robots, in turn, use a “vision processor” to verify that a correct product has been installed.

Along an automobile assembly line, video surveillance cameras are also used to monitor the totally automated installation of the windshield and rear-window. Cameras ensure that parts, such as panels, have been positioned accurately onto the vehicle’s body.

The Testing
Many tests are conducted on automobiles. These are carried out to improve their quality and safety. One example is the crash test. High speed cameras, which can capture more frames per second than other cameras, are used. The camera helps to detail what happens to the passenger and automobile during the crash. Due to the high cost of crash tests, these cameras are invaluable in helping researchers obtain as much data as possible from the test. A video surveillance camera can be used for other types of tests on cars. For example, the road test checks whether or not the car is worthy to be driven on roads. Lastly, a video surveillance camera can be used to enforce quality control at emissions test centers, where the amount of pollutants that a vehicle produces is tested.

The Protection
In addition to assisting in the production and testing of automobiles, video surveillance cameras can also be used to safeguard automobiles from auto theft, a grave problem in America. Consider the following statistics.

* Every year, over one million vehicles are stolen in the United States.
* In 2005, the 2001 BMW M Roadster was the most frequently stolen passenger vehicle in the United States.
* In 2006, more vehicles were stolen in Las Vegas than in any other metropolitan area in the United States.

Mounted in places such as driveways, parking lots, parking garages, and car alarm stores, video surveillance cameras are valuable in protecting one’s investment. In addition to capturing visual evidence against car thieves, they also serve as a deterrent for those who are thinking about taking someone else’s Jaguar, Road Runner, or Bug.

There is no doubt that from the assembly line to the junkyard, video surveillance cameras shift gears to play vital roles in the lives of automobiles.

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Video Camera

There are video camera varieties that have been used by multi-million dollar television networks, and filtered through television stations that are spread throughout the United States. These video camera presentations are meant to bring the latest news of the world climate into your living room in exact rolling imaging form, complete with quality sound.

These video cameras are portable, lightweight and powerful enough to force you to view violence and gore through the news casts that are filmed clear across the world in war zones that bring the reality of war into your life full force, and most of the time without prior warning. These video camera devices have recorded death, mayhem and turned full tilt to record the miracle of birth in hospitals around the country.

As the technology to produce these video camera devices progressed to smaller and more elegant models, these video camera manufacturers thought to offer more portable models for the American public to enjoy in their everyday life in their hometowns through America. Americans now have the opportunity to use highly technical and technologically advanced video camera to film birthday parties, Nascar races, and any other memorable recordable event that can be imagined.

The use of video camera devices has spread to every facet of peoples lives. Law enforcement officers have been outfitted with video camera models in their patrol cars to record each traffic stop. These video camera devices are used by security companies to record various locations in a multi-story corporate headquarters office building.

There are video camera devices that serve as a ‘Big Brother’ type of recording device, are installed on busy intersections traffic light poles and light receptacles, and are meant to aid the police departments in identifying people that routinely speed through the yellow traffic lights that have a touch of red, that are stationed there and sending them a large fine in the mail system.

There are video camera devices that have been observing people as they make withdrawals of cash at automatic teller machines for a very long time. Bank robbers normally consider the video camera devices that are installed at every angle inside a bank. These video camera devices are the first thing that is stopped when they enter the bank to make their own type of personal cash withdrawal.

Each store you shop at has the probability of surprising customers, by the hidden video camera devices that are installed to catch someone shoplifting or damaging their merchandise. These video camera devices are capable of bringing extreme pain into your life, or they can be used to record all of the pleasures in life too.

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The Video Camera Reigns Supreme

The video camera first made its debut in the television industry but has now penetrated the common field. BBC (British Broadcasting Company) used the first ones in the 1930`s.

The video camera is used mainly for two purposes. The primary one is for projection of live shows, like the ones we see on the television as also for immediate spying as used by and for the military and industrial operations. The second purpose is for storage and archiving. Videotapes were at one time in use but now discs have replaced these.

The latest video cameras (filmadora) are a far cry from its first generation models – similarities are difficult to trace. Professional models of video cameras are mobile units and allow fine manual control as required in fieldwork. Camcorders (filmadora) are also video cameras – it is a combination of a camera and a recording device (VCR). These are in great demand for home movies, television production, electronic news conferences etc.

Another type of video camera is the closed circuit variety that is used for security and monitoring. They are tiny so that can be hidden and are often used to monitor the environment in settings where man cannot physically go. These web cams are video cameras used where there is danger from radiation, excessive heat and exposure to poisonous chemicals and inhospitable terrain.

Another model is the digital camera that converts the signal to a digital output and these are even smaller than the security cameras. Often these are incorporated into the body of the computer or mobile pones and laptops. Special types of video cameras are used abroad satellites for probing space or inserted in robots creating artificial intelligence. These come in handy also for medical use.

Video cameras (filmadora) are slowly taking over the film world as video technology improves by the day. Video cameras are now able to create special effects like infinite regression – repetition of a scene.

Video cameras were first meant for broadcasting television pictures. The first ones were large, mounted on trolleys and connected by wires to recorders kept in another room. Technology meant downsizing everything to mini handy proportions.

Simultaneously costs began to go down making it more affordable to the common people. Sales shot up boosting further research in the field. Shoulder operated luggage type video cameras used to sell for US$1500. Today better features are available from a mini model of video camera (filmadora) that can rest on the palm of the hand for US$150! It is a revolution in evolution.

It consists of three parts – the lens, the imager and the recorder. The lens focuses light on the object. The imager converts this into video signal and then finally it is stored or recorded in the recorder. The camera (filmadora) section consists of the optics and the imager. The lens has an aperture to control light, zoom to define the field of vision and shutter-speed to capture motion in continuity. The electronics automatically controls and adjusts these units.

Professionals have the option of choosing from models, which have manual functions as well so that the operator has a say in the matter. The imager is the eye of the set and changes light into video signal electronically. The recorder writes the video signal on to a magnetic videotape or disc. The time and date are also recorded.

From ancient times man has been desperate and keen to capture in time what is fleeting and transitory. He has scratched on stone and papyrus building library after library of life that is as fleeting as the moving river. This urge still remains. With the video camera (filmadora) we capture eternally our personal lives and record history of protests and speeches.

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The Evolution Of The Video Camera

It’s incredible to think just how far camcorder technology has come and evolved from its humble beginnings. Video cameras, like all forms of technology and gizmos and gadgets, have improved and become more user-friendly and more innovative over the years. That’s nothing new, and there’s no reason to trump the advancement of the video camera onto a higher pedestal than anything else. But, when one looks at the history, timeline and growth of the video camera, it is remarkable to see where it has come from, where it has gone, and where it will venture to in the future.

Video cameras emerged as large, bulky and cumbersome devices that required tapes or reels to record and store the moving pictures. The either rested uncomfortably upon the shoulder, or stood on tripods or legs. Their movement and portability was severely hindered and limited by wires, cords or cables. Only specialized technicians and trained individuals could operate them. And, perhaps most stunning of all, video cameras could only record, broadcast and play back in black and white.

Fast forward (another innovation on the video camcorder) to the digital age, and we are now inundated with brand upon brand of digital camcorder. Some dwell in the higher price range, with all the requisite bells & whistles and features. While others are more simple and affordable. Most do not require tapes ‘ which, upon further reflection, were probably larger than today’s digital camcorders ‘ to record and playback the movie. Nowadays, today’s video cameras are built with a hard drive included in the unit, so that it can store the movie right on the device itself. Which, in and of itself, also shows how far computer technology has evolved over the years.

Digital video cameras have improved and advanced so much that they are now not just limited to the traditional video camera venue. Camcorders are now found in a variety of devices, including cellular phones, portable digital assistants, hand-held video game consoles and a whole host of other portable devices. Whereas before, perhaps only an important event warranted to use of the video camera, today’s generation uses the video camera in the same regard as they would a pair of scissors ‘ they are a tool of convenience.

Digital video camcorders appear to be everywhere these days, even if we are oblivious to their locations and whereabouts. Certainly, the hand-held video camera will always be in favor and in style. But, more and more people are choosing to own a digital video camera that is part of another item altogether, rather than just a stand-alone item. And, just as interesting as the technology itself, is how it is being used. Video cameras are being used regularly to document, record, create and share. Perhaps they have always been employed for that purpose, but they are now playing an even greater role in society, media and culture.

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Surveillance Video Camera System

Everyone wants to be assured that their family is safe in their own home. Plus, people work hard to own their own home so it is only natural that they want to protect it as much as possible. For these reasons, a surveillance video camera system is a great investment that can help to protect people and property from criminals.

One of these setups can be as extensive or as simple as you wish. There are many different accessories that can add to a basic setup or a simple design can be used. Most often, the design will be determined mainly due to finances. This is something that can be overcome with a little patience. The main thing is to install a basic plan and then if you desire you can add subsequent pieces to the setup later on.

There are quite a few advances in these setups from when they originally were introduced. Some seem to right out of the future, but with technology advancing at a constant rate they are devices that can be implemented into any home.

For instance, a homeowner can opt to include video devices that move about to scan the property from different angles. Called PTZ models, these devices can scan a wide section of area and can even be connected to motion sensors to pick up any detection of movement. Fixed models are fine, too, as long as they adequately cover the perimeter of the property.

For those who wish to invest a little more in their setup, they can go with thermal imagery. This uses heat sensors to pick up the body heat of individuals. Even if the person is wearing layers of clothing it can still detect their presence.

Motion detectors are a primary basis of a security system. They can be used either indoors or outside and have a multitude of positioning possibilities. By placing them next to doorways or windows an intruder can be identified as soon as the opening is breached. Or they can simply be hung in the corners of a room to catch anyone that moves through the room- no matter where they enter.

A video surveillance camera system can also inform the owner of suspicious activity even if they are not at home. Remote contacting can alert the owner by email or text and sensors can trip the system to start recording as soon as a criminal is present.

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Spy Video Cameras Bring 1984 Home

Imagine a state where the government rules with an iron first. You can do and think as you please, so long as these actions and ideas do not go against policy or officially mandated doctrine. You are subjected to some twisted psychology, too. Not only are you brainwashed to obey the totalitarian government, you are taught to love it as well. Does this scenario seem unthinkable?

This is the world British writer George Orwell portrayed in his novel, 1984. If you think, however, that fiction is the book is strictly a work of fiction used to entertain its readers, think again. Today, governments throughout the world use spy video cameras to monitor key areas, including Orwell’s former London home!

I’ll Be Watching You
Each person in Great Britain is caught on Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV cameras, about 300 times every day. The country possesses about 4.2 million of these spy video cameras. That’s about one camera for every 14 people in Great Britain! In fact, about 200 yards away from where Orwell lived until he died, over 30 CCTV cameras monitor people’s every move. An irony is that a special plaque hanging near Orwell’s home praises the author for his stance against totalitarianism.

Security Can Make You Insecure
Many London businesspeople justify the use of spy video cameras as a means of crime prevention. However, England’s Royal Academy of Engineering, or RAE, has cautioned that excessive surveillance by cameras could actually reduce safety in the country. One concern is that a national standard for CCTV cameras could inadvertently transmit data to just about anyone willing to go to extra lengths for access. Moreover, computer hackers capable of accessing the data could abuse any security system. Business employees who accept bribes could also threaten the integrity of such a standardized surveillance system. One author of the RAE’s report even argued that the installation of spy video cameras should be halted until it is proven that they are necessary.

Rear View Cameras
Today, spy video cameras are used for a variety of applications other than monitoring businesses. In Virginia, USA, a 10-year program used an army of spy video cameras as a means of traffic enforcement. These cameras catch drivers zooming through red traffic lights. Most politicians are strongly for the program because they claim it increases road safety and saves the government money. After all, road accidents, wreckage, and the messy process of trolling through debris and cleaning it up use up time, money, and valuable workforce. Opponents of the cameras, however, attack the efficiency of the system and criticize its intrusion on privacy of private citizens.

Like Britain, Like Singapore
One of the most prolific national users of spy video cameras and one of the most criticized for its usage is Singapore. This comes as no surprise to people familiar with Singapore’s history of policy-making. Singapore’s government system had, after all, been pattered after that of its former colonizer, Britain.

Singapore’s constitution does not explicitly protect an individual’s privacy. In fact, in recent decades, the Singaporean government has used spy video cameras to control opposition parties in the country and enforce societal control. In In 1986, the founder of modern Singapore justified his reasons for monitoring how citizens talked, acted, and even spit! Today, surveillance cameras in the nation are used for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring vehicular traffic, and preventing littering. While the government basically respects its citizens’ rights, it wields the authority to limit them when it believes that such is justified.

In 1948, when ’1984′ was published, the idea that ‘Big Brother is watching’ seemed ludicrous. It seemed an idea feasible only in fiction. Today, the use of spy video cameras show just how easily technology like spy video cameras transform fiction into non-fiction.

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Sony New HD Camera

When Sony first unveiled the H3 to the market, it
staged none of the over the top glitz or glamour
many expected. Held at a tiny theater inside a
Sony office in Tokyo, the event barely even
resembled a minor product launch.

Although many don’t think of Sony as a camera maker,
the company is number 1 in video cameras, holding
on to well over 40 percent of the market. Sony
is a leader in many other industries as well, with
cameras helping to add the icing to the cake.

The HDW is the top of the line camcorder from
Sony. The HDW 900 is capable of recording and
playing back 1080 progressive at 23.98 or 24, 25,
29.97, or 30 frames per second. It can also play
back 50 or 60 fields per second at 1080 interlaced.

The camera also offers a memory stick setup system
that memorizes various parameters and enables instant
recall. Once you set the camera up for the first
time, it will remember the settings then go right
back to the previous parameters at the touch of a

A simple switch operation will enable automatic
adjustment and black set, black balance, and even
white balance. You can quickly and easily shift
colors with the video camera, making it easier to
use than most other high definition video cameras
on the market.

The HDW 900 from Sony will come standard with HD
zoom lens, a tripod, AC power supply, and 3 Anton
Bauer Hytron 100 batteries. With everything it
offers you and everything it comes with right from
the box, the HDW 900 is truly nothing short of
amazing. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect
high definition video camera – rest assured that
the HDW 900 is it.

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Sony HVR A1E

The Sony HVR-A1E boasts an incredibly small size,
and providing the 180i standard, the camera offers
you a host of advanced features for professional
use. The HVR-A1E uses technology such as CMOS,
the camera is an ultra compact camcorder that is
capable of providing HDV in the full 1080 line

By building on the affordability of HDV, the
HVR-A1E providers you with a migration path from
standard definition while retaining the qualities
of the popular DVCAM range such as ease of use
and multiple connections.

The HVR-A1E is ideal for situations in which space
is limited. The camera also broadens the range
of HDV tools available for professional users,
as it really does deliver HD for everyone.

The HVR-A1E really means that high definition is
for everyone. Through the HDV format, this camera
allows you to capture HD pictures on a standard
DV cassette, providing both a cost effective
format and full 1080 line resolution.

The HVR-A1E also offers you the ability to choose
the most appropriate recording format for your
production. With this camera, you are able to
switch between HDV, DVCAM, and DV recording
which gives you full flexibility to record in
standard or HD mode. You can also take still
pictures as well, which adds to the list of
already impressive features.

Professional use
As a professional company, Sony realizes that
your needs are different to that of a consumer.
As a result, the HVR-A1E incorporates many specific
features to help support your needs.

Compact design
This camera helps to bring the realm of HD to
an even wider range of production. A lightweight
and compact design means that HDV shots can be
achieved even when limited on space. No matter
where your shoot may be, you can count on the
Sony HVR-A1E to deliver.

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The Sony HDW-F900 Cine Alta is a ground breaking
digital HD camera that extends both the digital
heitage of the company and it’s unrivalled experience
in the art of imaging. The physical resemblance
of the HDW-900 to the very successful Digital
Betacam is intentional, although there are some
subtle but very relevant changes that help to further
enhance operational familiarity and ease of usage.

Because of the outstanding picture quality and
flexibility, this video camera offers a new and
important alternative to 24 frame film origination
for major television productions and even commercials
as well. The HDW-F900 is already known as the
digital movie camera, ideal for exploring new
horizons in the making of digital movies.

What really separates the HDW-F900 from other
HD video cameras is its ability to capture and
record digital high definition pictures – at 24
progressive frames per second, just like a
conventional film camera.

The moving pictures are digitally imaged in
accordance with the common image format standard,
which will specify a sampling structure of 1920
active pixels horizontally by 1080 active pixels
vertically. What makes the HDW-F900 so exciting
is that along with recording at 24p, it is also
switchable to record at 25p, 30p progressive scan,
and also at 50 or 60 Hz interlaced.

The HDW-F900 produces picture with amazing color
reproduction accuracy. The Multi Matrix function
will also offer unique possibilities for creating
intervention by allowing selective color
enhancement of alteration. The Multi Matrix will
also allow particular colors to be selected and
the hue changes over a range of 20 degrees.

Contrast rage
The HDW-F900 can handle an amazing contrast
range. For the most demanding of light settings
and scene conditions, a number of useful
operational features are available that allow
image optimization in real time to help capture
the desired mood and setting for a shot.

Soft focus
The soft focus adjustment is extremely convenient
for those who find digital images to be too
shrap and allows cinematic or even film like
images to be created.

Adoptive detail control
This feature allows the image detail enhancement
in the highlight area to look even more natural.

If you’ve been looking for the best high definition
video camera on the market, the Sony HDW-F900 is
it. This camera offers you plenty of features
and options, more than you could ever use if
you aren’t a professional.

For professionals, the HDW-F900 is the way to do
business. The camera offers you everything you
need for professional shoots, taking things to
new levels. When the time comes to get the best
HD video camera on the market – the HDW-F900 is
all you need.

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