Hidden Video Cameras And Your Funny Bones

Your funny bones and hidden video cameras have two things in common. The first is you, the second is humor.

Hidden video cameras have the ugly reputation of being tools for voyeurism and inveterate government meddling. What we fail to realize, however, is that hidden video cameras can be very entertaining, too. They make us snort in amusement or guffaw with wild abandon. How is this possible?

Hidden video cameras are a big thing in the entertainment industry. Reality TV and gag shows utilize hidden video cameras. In fact, these are aimed on just about anyone and anything to record private moments or show outrageous antics.

A Video a Day Keeps Audiences Laughing

Who doesn’t know the shows Big Brother and Just for Laughs? These two are highly rated shows. They have a solid fan base and an ever increasing following. This is impressive because both shows do not rely on celebrity actors to provide the media mileage or the mass appeal. In fact, the two shows feature ordinary people going about mundane tasks.

Big Brother is a classic experiment in social interaction. Carefully screened volunteers are made to live together in one house. This task may seem easy at first; but as the days progress, viewers like yourself will quickly realize just how daunting it is to stay sane inside a fishbowl. Yes, living in Big Brother’s house is akin to living in a fishbowl. There are cameras everywhere, and their presence puts additional strain on housemates. After all, on top of performing tasks from Big Brother, these housemates also have to endure each other’s company for a specified period of time. The show gets interesting as hidden video cameras chronicle what the housemates ate for breakfast and who is slandering whom. Clashes of personalities emerge. People fall in love quickly, and then just as quickly, they fall out. Housemates argue. Some deal with personal issues. Others hold crying sessions or go on journeys of self-discovery. Naturally, all this drama takes place under the watchful lens of hidden video cameras. Viewers can monitor the show’s progress through life video feed from hidden video cameras placed all over the Big Brother house.

Now what about Just for Laughs? Like Big Brother, it is a social experiment and a running commentary on contemporary times. Just for Laughs is a gag show that features ordinary people going about their own business. After being targeted by the show’s actors, they are then engaged in a situation that is sure to raise their eyebrows, if not their voices or their fists. Not surprisingly, Just for Laughs quickly became a very popular show. Footages are usually recorded by hidden video cameras.

Life as a TV Show

The possibility of living under the glare of the lens was explored in depth in the movie, the Truman Show. Jim Carrey plays Truman Burbank. The movie is sad and amusing at the same time. It leaves audiences with the painful reminder that people, even those we call our friends, will not always be moved by our tragedies, whether these are big or small.

Clearly, it pays to have hidden video cameras ready. With one in your home, you can kick your feet up and pretend you’re king of a vacation home in the Spanish Reviera.

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hidden video cameras 03

Are you one of those individuals who like to keep a close eye on things? Hey, I don’t blame you one bit. In fact, I know exactly how you feel. This is why I set up surveillance cameras around my home. I can now view the exterior of my home whenever I please. Anyone who passes through my yard or approaches a door is seen. It certainly offers some peace of mind. So, what hidden video cameras do you have place on your property? Have you tested out one of those contemporary nanny-cams yet? These are wonderful for those who have children and use babysitters. Too often when the children are tiny, they cannot voice their mind. This makes hidden video cameras ideal for worrying parents. In this day and age you can never be too safe. Besides, watching your personal property is your right.

Anyone can purchase some nifty hidden video cameras now days. They make thes things for just about anything. Maybe you’re looking for a pen camera, or one that will replace a button on your sports jacket. You can find hidden video cameras that go in light fixtures, stuffed animals, cell phones, cars, computers and more. It really doesn’t matter what you have in mind. If you can imagine it, it probably exists. Now, the price is a completely different story. How cool and high-tech do you want your hidden video cameras to be? This will have a serious effect on the price tag. I’ve seen surveillance cameras for the home sell for 100 bucks, and then I’ve seen tiny hidden video cameras sell for thousands. What is your price range? You should also first think about what you’re purchasing the camera for. Be sure to find the right size and capabilities.

Get on the World-Wide-Web and explore the possibilities with hidden video cameras. Just be sure that you’re not one of those lunatics who want one for illegal reasons. It seems that there are a lot of these folks out there today as well. I saw on the local news that some fellow had one installed in a public restroom. That is just weird with a capital W. Anyway, acquire new-age hidden video cameras to protect your home and family from intruders, and your little ones from babysitters. This is what they’re for. Download Free Audio Now!

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HD Based Video Cameras

HD, or high definition, is creating quite a lot of
interest, due to some very high spirited campaigning
done by the cable networks wanting you to buy HD
boxes to watch HD on television. What you may not
be aware of, is the fact that HD is delivered in
a widescreen format of 16:9 instead of the normal
television format of 4:3.

The average everyday customer has every right to be
confused as to what HD really and truly is, as most
companies involved with it can’t agree on one simple
standard. The standard getting the most support
with HD is 1080i, which means a resolution of 1080
interlaced lines or 720 progressive lines. The
teleision signals in general will give you 525
lines so the increasing quality is dramatic, if
you have the HD gear to watch the video the way it
was meant to be.

Cameras that offer HD are simply the best you can
buy. They are obviously more expensive than digital
cameras, with some models reaching upwards towards
90,000$ and above! These types of cameras are
normally for professionals, as the average working
man would never be able to afford such an expensive
type of HD video camera.

The average HD video cameras will run 800$ and up.
HD cameras offer you the chance to shoot high
definition picures and videos, and send them to
friends or family. You can also save your shoots
to disk or memory card, then take them with you
everywhere you go.

If you’ve yet to see a HD video camera, you’ll
probably find yourself amazed. The zoom offered
with these cameras are amazing, as many can get
above 100X! Shooting up close and personal is
never a problem with HD video cameras.

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Finding Your Format

It’s quite impossible to choose a camera without
knowing which format best fits your needs. Below,
you’ll find many of the most popular formats.

Based on the standard definition of DVCPRO format,
the DVCPRO HD from Panasonic uses a data rate of 120
MBps and intraframe compression, both of which will
provide strong protection from generational loss.

The DVCPRO HD also has supporting cameras and decks
that use FireWire I/O, which is a very important
feature for keeping an eye on your bottom line. The
cost of the equipment is a bit pricey, as it can
cost upwards of 80,000$.

The HDCAM format from Sony is based on DigiBeta and
can record in 24p, 25p, 50i, and even 60i. It
uses a high data rate of 140MBps, which produces a
great looking picture with few glitches. Because
of the very unusual 17:6:6 color sampling scheme,
the color detail is half of DVCPRO HD. The
picture is top of the line, proving to be among the
best available on the market.

There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding HDV as
the newcomer to the high definition marketplace.
With high compression rates, HDV has enabled
high quality shooting and editing with low cost
tools, including the convenience of high
definition video to Mini DV tape. This has also
helped to open up the HD field to a wide
variety of videographers and producers who
would never have even considered going high
definition otherwise.

The biggest drawback to going the HDV route is
also the greatest strength – high compression.
Both audio and video can suffer dramatically
from too much compression. The audio in theory
isn’t up to CD quality, although some users
report that they are perfectly happy with it.

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Digital Video Cameras More Fun Than Ever

With your trusty digital video camera by your side you can capture all those special moments, such as your child’s first steps, your birthday or wedding, or your vacation with family and friends etc.

With so many manufacturers and models available in the digital video market, you may find it confusing trying to choose the perfect one for you. Your choice will, however, depend on the features that you want and how much you are willing to spend.

The most important thing to consider is the format in which your videos will be stored, as the video format determines the video quality. Digital 8 otherwise called D8, Mini-DV, DVD and HDD are the main types of video format that digital cameras offer. Both D8 and Mini-DV are tape-based formats, with the Mini-DV currently offering the highest quality video format to consumers. The DVD format allows direct video recording onto a digital disk, while the HDD type uses internal hard drives where the video is recorded. As the tape format is slowly being phased out by major manufacturers, it is a good idea to invest in disk or hard drive based digital video cameras.

Digital video cameras also come with charged coupled device or CCD imaging sensor. Digital video cameras come with 1-CCD or 3-CCD features. Cameras with 1-CCD suffer from poor video quality, whereas 3-CCD cameras produce much better quality videos. Most professional camcorders use the 3-CCD technology, thus making them more expensive than the other models.

The optical zoom feature of the camcorder lens generally ranges from 10X to 20X. The choice of zoom depends on how close you want to get to the action. Some digital video cameras also allow still photography at various resolutions, and some camcorders offer both video and still photography features. Some digital video camcorders have in-built flash for low-light photography, while some video cameras come with a ‘Night Shot’ feature. Other popular options include external flashlights, external microphones and external storage devices that can be attached onto the camcorder.

Camcorders with longer battery strength is also recommended. Digital video cameras have battery life ranging from 4 to 8 hours of continuous shooting. However, using the zoom or any external devices reduce the battery strength.

All cameras nowadays come bundled with a digital video editing software. But if you are not satisfied with the one provided, you can always buy a better and more expensive editing software from Adobe or any other reputable brand.

Video camera prices today vary from $500 to $4000, with Sony, JVC and Canon being the more popular brands.

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Digital Video Camera Rental Putting You in the Picture

Digital video cameras continue to be as popular as ever. As they become more technologically sophisticated they’re offering better quality and more functions in ever smaller packages. Top-of-the-range, high definition videocams can cost in excess of $3000 to buy. This figure would be even higher if existing mechanisms, which allow HD videos to be recorded on a conventional DV tape, couldn not be used.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that digital video camera rental is fast becoming the preferred option for digital videocam users who only need to use the equipment for special occasions. With improvements in the technology moving fast, so fast that chances are a new model will already have been superseded by something better within six months, the trend to rent and not to buy seems set to continue.

As an irregular user, looking to take pictures at weddings or on holiday, constantly upgrading your digital videocam is neither a practical, nor cost-effective solution. Why not, then, get the best of both worlds ‘ the latest models and the lowest prices ‘ by choosing the rental option? Your biggest worry will be to pre-book well in advance at busy times of the year, like Christmas and New Year or Thanksgiving, to avoid disappointment. Look in the Yellow Pages or login to the internet, and you’ll find there are some great deals to be had out there.

Great offers are available if you shop around. At Christmas and New Year, especially, extended and weekend rental bargains are to be had provided, as we’ve said, you book early. Throughout the year, even, many digital video camera rental outlets will offer an extra free rental day, and, at short notice, many shops will pull together a video camera package at very competitive prices.

The basic rental package, usually comprises spare batteries, charger, camcorder case, manufacturer’s manual and a ‘quick-start’ guide. Ease of use varies with the model, but the ‘Get Started’ guide you should receive as part of the package will outline use of the main controls of On/Off, record and zoom buttons. A manual should also be supplied should you feel like exploring more options in detail.

Alternatively, as an infrequent user of digital camcorders, you will find that many rental outlets offer a photo printing or video transfer service, copying your film on to CD or DVD. Again, shop around for the best deals if you’re interested in a complete service. Even with this service charge added to the hire cost, on any cost-benefit analysis you’ll be getting a great deal.

Besides the basic package, optional extras are available. Accessories, such as tripods, external microphones and camcorder lights, though, are not seen as optional extras for many users who want to shoot that perfect picture for the perfect occasion. You will pay an extra hire charge for these items, as you will for video tapes and mini-DVD-Rs. The software to download your photos on to your PC will usually be included in the hire package, though. This software is very popular now and has largely replaced still photos on memory cards. Rent and you’ll get the best for less.

Having decided that digital video camera rental is for you, the most important question to ask yourself before you proceed any further is: what do I want from a digital camcorder? Do I want a cheaper, standard format videocam, or would I prefer a high definition video?

Standard models use compact, 60-minute tapes, and can be plugged into the camcorder/playstation inputs on the front of many TVs and video recorders. The playback quality is very good. As a rule of thumb with standard models, the smaller the camera the fewer features it has. You want a larger optical zoom? Then you’ll need to hire one of the slightly larger cameras. Even so, none is that big and all are easy to use for the novice.

But are you more technically-minded? If so, then an HD videocam, offering superb playback quality with four times the number of pixels as standard definition, would allow you to shoot a video of a wedding and edit the video on HDV. Be aware, though, that a very powerful PC is required to use video editing packages. The HDV footage can then be recorded on to a high definition DVD player with marvellous results.

Europe lags behind the U.S. where we have been able to enjoy high definition TV, and watch content from most of the major networks, for a number of years. Familiarity with the superb picture quality afforded by HD breeds contempt among aficionados for standard models. Renting a videocam allows the technically-minded to practise more demanding techniques and to produce top-class pictures without the substantial outlay involved in buying a top-notch videocam. And remember: as a perfectionist, you’ll need accessories, too, which makes renting an even more attractive option.

So, novice or enthusiast, renting the equipment makes the best sense. The videocam’s obsolescence, driven by continual improvements in technology, requires constant and expensive upgrading. The very high cost of buying top-of-the-range videocams, together with the easy availability of great-deal packages, including accessories, all make compelling reasons for renting and not buying.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, so they say. Well, not quite, but it will have been worth reading a few hundred if you’re now sold on the benefits of digital video camera rental.

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Digital Cameras Another Kickin New Feature Video Capture

Digital cameras have come a long ways in the past few years. They are now more affordable and feature rich than ever. A comprehensive list of features and advice for choosing a digital camera is beyond the scope of this article, but this article will highlight one of the most popular features, video capture capability.

With a video capture feature on your camera, you can take low to medium quality video footage using your digital camera. All cameras with video capture are not created equal, though. Here are some things to check on before buying a camera with video capture:

1 ‘ Sound

Does the camera support sound? If so, does it capture it through a built in microphone, or does it have an input for you to plug in an external microphone?

2- Video Quality

There are two main factors that determine video quality ‘ resolution and frames per second. The higher the resolution, and the higher the number of frames per second, the higher quality the video.

3- Video format

What format is the video in? Ideally, it will be in a standard, easy to edit format, such as MPEG. Some cameras use proprietary video formats, which means that you can’t edit your videos with most editors. Windows Movie Maker, which comes free with Windows, is a great editor to use for most generic video formats.

4- Video length

Some cameras limit the length of video clips you can take, often to 30 seconds. This can be a great aggravation. The better cameras allow you to take as long of a video clip as your camera’s memory can hold. Of course, you can add a larger memory stick to take a longer video clip. You can now get memory sticks up to 2 GB or larger.

5- Zoom

On most digital cameras, you can use the zoom when taking video footage. However, you can generally only use your optical zoom, not your digital zoom.

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Controls And Features

The central part of a DV camcorder is the CCD, or
Charge Coupled Device. This sensor creates a video
picture by recording the light intensity to recognize
an image or shape, along with the color levels to
reproduce a full color picture.

There are several tape based DV camcorders that have
both color eyepiece viewfinders and a flip out TFT
LCD screen to view the action as well as the previous
recorded footage. Most tape-less models however,
only offer the TFT screen to preview your captured
video and to view while you make a recording.

When you need to get closer to the action, a zoom
lens can be a great feature. Don’t get swayed by
the digital zoom figure however; as no matter how
large it may be, you should always base your final
decision on the optical zoom.

The optical zoom will give you a true indication of
the video image, where digital zooms interpolate the
available pixels to zoom in on an image. Optical
zooms will normally range around the 10X mark, with
digital zooms ranging from 100X and above.

The auto focusing systems are great as well, although
manual focus options can be ideal for low light or
when focusing on a subject against a landscape. Being
available on most video cameras, the manual focus
control can be found as either a ring on the lens
or as a dual button system on the body.

Most video cameras these days will provide a tilting
feature in the camera itself, although this feature
should be avoided unless you don’t intend to edit
the video on a computer. The title effects on
many cameras are quite limited and cannot be
removed afterwards.

Almost all new high definition video cameras will
use a rechargeable Li-ion battery, even though a
spare battery might be useful as the batteries are
unique to each camcorder maker and normally each

Most of the latest cameras allow you to capture
digital still images onto a removable flash memory
card. The most popular media is SD or MMC, but
Sony and Samsung cameras often capture to a memory

If your video camera doesn’t offer still image
capabilities, you can always perform a capture of
the screen in your editing program. Always remember
that the image resolution when capturing a still
this way will always be 640X480, which is actually
less than 1 MB, or Mega Byte.

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Careful When You Strip There s A Secret Video Surveillance Security Camera In There

Ladies, have you ever felt naughty eyes on you at the store’s dressing room? You are probably right. There is someone watching, so better get out.

Thought you were safe from prying eyes?

Each time you shop for a new outfit you always have to check it out in the fitting room. Enclosed in a little space with a mirror, you think you are alone, so you strip and slip on the jeans or dress and strip again to put your clothes back on.

Your intuition must be right to tell that you’re on video. Surveillance security camera systems can be used for mischief too and all ladies must beware. Peeping Toms have gone a level higher in their favorite past time. They have tapped the features of a video surveillance security camera and can enjoy viewing the fitting room scenes in the privacy of their home.

Incredible but sadly true

Hidden cameras are a bane and boon to society. It is an emerging menace when the cameras are turned on unsuspecting women who are thinking they are safe in their homes or in public dressing rooms. Unscrupulous persons can make hidden cameras and use remote controls to activate these.

The use of video surveillance security cameras to invade one’s privacy is act of terrorism and is against the law. Yet, people misuse these gizmos with impunity. Peeping toms are not the only ones abusing these security systems. Employers can also bully their staff by keeping an overzealous eye on them.

Unless they are caught spying on women in the privacy of dressing rooms, nothing can be done against the culprits. The law, though, has caught up with voyeurs of the Caesar’s Atlantic City of New Jersey. The gaming palace was fined $80,000 by the Casino Control Commission because of unscrupulous use of video surveillance security cameras.

Spying on the spy

Violators of the laws governing the use of video surveillance security camera equipment face one to five years in prison and penalties, so if you have caught a peeping tom in a public place or even in your neighborhood, you can sue. A tape of the recording must be presented as evidence.

Women must be informed of the ugly side of video surveillance security camera systems meant to protect them. One way to protect yourself from malicious eyes is to have a wireless video camera hunter. This can easily track hidden wireless cameras. When it detects a live wireless video, a signal is displayed immediately on the built-in 2.5′ color video screen. The alert tone will sound when it has espied a hidden camera. In this case, it indeed takes a spy to catch a spy.

Informed and alert

Moms should caution their teens about fitting rooms, school washrooms, and public comfort rooms. Ladies should never strip without any cover. Children in day school should also get protection from the improper use of video surveillance security camera systems. Indeed, kids should be taught how to protect themselves and to report suspicious activities. It is always an advantage to be informed and well armed.

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Canon XLH1

On September 18 of 2005, Canon broke new ground in
the digital video camera industry, announcing the
XL H1, which was Canon’s first DVC featuring high
definition. Originally developed based on the needs
of professional and enthusiast videographers, the
XL H1 retains the operability of Canon’s very popular
XL2 while increasing the professional function and
supporting high definition recording.

The flagship DVC for the company of Canon, the XL H1
is ideal for use all across the spectrum of
professional content making, from film and television
production to filming weddings. The XL H1 also
comes equipped with a HD 20X zoom video lens, the XL
5.4-108 mm L IS II, which contributes to Canon’s
development aim of delivering the highest possible
quality of recording available today.

As Canon’s first HD video camera, the XL H1 camcorder
and 20X HD video zoom lens will provide broadcasters
with a low budget 1080i resolution option for ENG,
documentary or even reality television productions.

Film makes will also fall for the extensive Cine
controls and 24 frame rate option the XL H1
has to offer. Canon’s custom jackpack features
include uncompressed digital HD-SDI output for
seamless integration into broadcast studios or high
quality image transfer to non linear editing systems.

The genlock feature will allow movie sets to
easily synchronize camera settings across multiple
camcorders and SMPTE time codes will allow for
streamlined tape and edit management.

The XL H1 also offers three 1/3 inch 1.67 megapixel
interlaced CCDs that capture images at 1080i
resolution. It also features selectable frame
rates of 50i and 25F, so capturing fast motion and
just about everything else is possible with the
XL H1.

(word count 278)

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