Video Game Voices Give Life To The Game

Video games have evolved a lot since the first one climbed out of the primordial goo in 1958. The first was actually played on an oscilloscope. Years later, there was Pong and Asteroids. No characters, no talking. These days, however, players demand realism, and you can’t have realism without video game voices, no matter what anyone tells you.

When a character is hit, you can’t expect him to just take it silently. Where’s the fun in that? Whether you are the one being hit or doing the hitting, hearing that ‘Oomph!’ right afterwards is satisfying. It makes you think that something’s at stake. That’s where video game voices come in.

Then, of course, you have to have narrators as well. Between the fight scenes on a lot of games, you have a storyline, and someone has to explain it. Video game voices are about a lot more than just talking crap, although that is a fun part of the whole thing. Can you imagine Muhammad Ali without his famous lines? He would make a great video game character, because he is the kind of person that goes great with video game voices.

Besides, video game voices add a touch of reality to the game. They do this by allowing the player to use more of his senses. We’re not as in tune with the smells around us as we are to sights and sounds, which is why no one has yet invented a viable way to add smell to the experience, though it’s probably coming. But there is something weird and unnatural about people who never say anything. You don’t want people to think that about your characters, so give them video game voices. It will have a dramatic effect on them.

If you use the right video game voices, they will add a lot of personality to your characters. Movie producers have understood the power of the voice for a long time, which is why we no longer watch silent films. It’s much more natural to listen to speech than to read text. Voices stay with you a lot longer than text does. And if text does stay with someone, it’s because it made them hear a voice. The right video game voices will work a lot like commercial jingles in your players’ minds. This will give them a truly memorable experience and call them back to the game again and again.

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Video Game Violence

According to Patrick Masell, recently the media has bombarded Americans with images and stories concerning a popular and morally corrupt video game called “Grand Theft Auto.” GTA 3 and its sequel GTA: Vice City has sparked record sales as well as protests and news reports across the globe. Most of these reports and protests question the game’s graphic content and the effects it may have on its audience, especially teenagers.

However, GTA was not the first series of video games to create such a stir in this country. “Mortal Kombat” a fighting game known for its amount of blood and gore deaths, hit arcades in 1992 and home consoles the next year. The question of how graphic violence in video games influences this nation’s youth have been debated for over a decade. Violent video games have few, if any, adverse effects on the vast majority of its audience and those who are negatively influenced often are unstable to begin with.

Two features of video games fuel renewed interest by researchers, public policy makers, and the general public. First, the active role required by video games is a double-edged sword. It helps educational video games be excellent teaching tools for motivational and learning process reasons. But, it also may make violent video games even more hazardous than violent television or cinema. Second, the arrival of a new generation of ultraviolent video games beginning in the early 1990s and continuing unabated to the present resulted in large numbers of children and youths actively participating in entertainment violence that went way beyond anything available to them on television or in movies. Recent video games reward players for killing innocent bystanders, police, and prostitutes, using a wide range of weapons including guns, knives, flame throwers, swords, baseball bats, cars, hands, and feet. Some include cut scenes (i.e., brief movie clips supposedly designed to move the story forward) of strippers. In some, the player assumes the role of hero, whereas in others the player is a criminal.

All of these actually will help to promote violence behaviour among the children but censoring or banning video games will not solve or even help a problem that is much more deeply rooted. Parents should play a major role in coping with this matter. Parental neglect is possibly the largest factor in juvenile delinquency. Ironically, the same parents who favor censorship of video games probably don’t even realize the games their children are playing are meant for adults to begin with. There is something labeled on every game box called an ESRB rating. Acting like a rating system for movies, it determines the age group that a particular game is appropriate for. The GTA series is M or mature, suitable for people seventeen or over.

Yet that doesn’t stop parents from buying it for their underage kids. In fact, there are many instances where a teenager will be refused from buying a certain game. Their parents are brought in to confront the store manager and the manger explains the rating system, but the parent buys the game nonetheless. So basically both parents and game creator should be blame as they did not think twice before doing something.

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Video Game Testing Become A Video Game Tester In 5 Simple Steps

Step One: Be Proactive!

You won’t land any video game tester jobs if you just sit around and wait for a “Game Testers Wanted” ad to appear in the paper. It won’t happen. So instead of sitting back and waiting for a miracle to occur, just get out there and find the perfect video game testing job for you.

Head straight to the game companies and developers and apply for testing jobs. Since they aren’t looking for you, the only logical step is to actively search for them. Once you find them (which shouldn’t take too long), apply for a game tester position with them and then repeat the process for as many different companies as humanly possible.

On your application/resume, brag about all of your video game achievements, such as the consoles you own, the games you’ve played, the games you own, the MMORPGs you are apart of, and anything else that shows how much experience you have with video games. And if you want to help your cause even further, create a website/blog that talks about video games, gives reviews, previews, cheats, hints, tips, etc.

You have to remember that experience and professionalism count for a lot in this industry. Therefore, the more experience you have and the more professional you are, the better your chances are for getting a video game tester job.

Step Two: Step Out of Fairy Tale Land and Into Reality

You have to realize that video game testing is a job. Yes, it’s a really fun job, but it is still a job nonetheless. This means that you have to treat it as such and take every part of it seriously. Don’t merely sit down and play the game to have a good time. Sit down and play the game so that you can collect a paycheck when you’re through.

Many “wanna-be” testers believe that being a professional video game tester is a “no work, all play” type of career. Honestly, they couldn’t be more wrong. Although there aren’t huge amounts of work that a game tester must wade through, there are still a few things that he/she has to complete. For instance, filling out reports. Surprised? Well, most aspiring young testers are when they hear that there is actual work involved with video game testing.

Contrary to what you may have thought, you won’t be simply playing games and giving your opinion on whether they are good or not. You will actually be testing them. You will play through a game, find any bugs or glitches, and then fill out reports on any problems that you come across. This is to help the developers and programmers locate and fix those problems. You don’t have to be an English professor or a college graduate to write bug reports, but you will have to have basic writing skills. Aside from the reports, you will also be required to fill out numerous questionnaires; which are typically opinion based.

As soon as you accept the fact that you’ll be doing actual work as a video game tester, you will have much more success finding testing jobs.

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video game systems 2

The latest technology in video gaming is growing rapidly. Many people, mostly young individuals, are hooked in playing different video games. They are enjoying the advantages of the newest entertainment trend and spend most of their times in front of their TV’s. One thing they might not be aware of is that carpal tunnel syndrome can possibly attack them.

The existence of popular video game systems as well as computer usage led in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Ina large scale, it has become a problem for many gamers. Since carpal tunnel syndrome affecting younger individuals continuously increases in numbers, this leads to the studies of the cause and symptoms to whether the injury is really associated with playing video games.

General assumptions has been made saying that correlation exists. It has been find out that kids who are playing a lot of video games has increased possibilities of developing carpal tunnel syndrome compared to kids who do not play video games. Surprisingly, based on some studies that has been conducted, it reveals some startling and unexpected results.

The federal government even funded recent studies to find out whether playing video games is related to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Although they have said that there is no relation at all, some part of the studies states some negative effects of playing too much video games or doing lots of computer works.

There can be so much argument to discuss but the injuries that has been acquired are similar in nature to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is proven by increased playing of video games.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an affliction usually affecting individuals over thirty years old. However, some children have also displayed some of its symptoms. The injuries include bursitis, tendonitis, and related injuries that are becoming more common to young kids. Nintendo thumb or Nintendonitis is the name called by most parents to the constant usage of video games causing strain injuries which is repetitively occurring. This also characterizes carpal tunnel syndrome. Video systems used for homes are not the only contributor, but also video systems that are portable which include handheld game systems.

Results and findings of several doctors reveal that prolonged hours of sitting in exactly the same position and using the finger muscles and thumb over and over again, causes imbalance in the muscles which leads to pain and other associated functional problems. Compared to other activities, exercises are very beneficial, however, using the same muscles or muscle groups in particular without exercising its counterparts so that balance is maintained will definitely cause pain and injury.

Children ages 6 or 7 years old will not developed carpal tunnel syndrome, nevertheless, if they continue to play excessively, they are more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. As much as possible, long taking breaks in between excessive game playing sessions should be done to give rest to the affected muscles, avoid positioning of wrists and hands awkwardly, and prevent several hours of continuous playing.

The computer’s rise in using light-touch, flat keyboards which permits high speed typing results in epidemic injuries of the hands, shoulders, and arms. Usage of pointing devices such as trackballs and the mouse triggers the carpal tunnel syndrome development. In addition, the uninterrupted use of controls in video game systems does the same thing. Regardless of the carpal tunnel syndrome development, lack of adequate breaks and rest can be very troublesome.

There are studies though that suggests that there is no big difference in the number of people who are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome because of playing video games as compared to those people who don’t play video games at all. Increased injuries on the hands have still got to do with prolonged time in playing video games. In this case, it is much better to protect one’s health even if carpal tunnel syndrome would likely affect older people. Video game enthusiasts should be aware of the possible problems they will encounter in the future because of this reason.

The studies conducted to prove whether carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with playing video games might also affect the future of the video game industry. However, innovations can be still made to solve this problem. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented as video game industries continue to flourish and new developments and designs are thought of.
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video game systems 1

There are different choices in the video game system market that are available in stores worldwide. But, have you ever wondered which is the best video game system there is? Actually, video game systems vary in styles, features and even designs that many people consider before making a purchase. However, many people also consider the performance that the video game system has to offer. Of course, many people would want their video game systems to provide them with the best performance while enjoying a fun and entertaining game play or movie watching.

The most sought out video game systems are as follows: the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Console, Microsoft Xbox 360 Console, Nintendo DS Lite Console, Sony Playstation 2 Console, and Nintendo DS Console, Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Console, Nintendo GameCube Console, Sega Dreamcast Console are amongst the favorite for many people.

The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Console is a portable handheld video game system that has a widescreen LCD centered in a slim design. It has a high resolution screen that can display full color of exactly 16.77 million colors and comes with basic functions like other portable players except that this console includes a built-in stereo speakers, headphone connector, brightness control, and sound selection mode. It is basically sold with a price tag from $121 and up.

The perfect entertainment for the new era with innovative design and features for the future game system is the Microsoft Xbox 360 Console. It has extremely powerful technology and services that provides not only a game station but also a home theater system. This console has features that allow movie playing like a DVD player, it features a 3.2 GHz Processor, a RAM of 512 MB, a 20 GB Hard Drive and On-Line Gaming. With this console, you will be on you way to experiencing the most realistic and stunning game play ever.

The video game system with a Wi-Fi connection that allows real time competition with other gamers is the Nintendo DS Lite Console. With dual screens and touch screen technology, this console enables gamers to interact and take part in the games while at play. Also, this console can communicate wirelessly for multiplayer gaming.

Equipped with a 128 bit Emotion Engine, the Sony Playstation 2 Console enables gamers to have a fast paced game play with an impressive graphic power, it also acts as a home entertainment system whereas DVDs can also be played. Plus, it plays a large amount of games most preferred by gamers.

Another video game system that most people consider to be great is the Nintendo DS Console. This console has 3D graphics with a touch screen to let you have a cutting edge experience while letting you enjoy all of your favorite games in a single player mode. It is compact and portable whilst convenient for those gamers on the go.

A redesigned video game system invented also by Nintendo is the Game Boy Advance SP Console. It is popular for many people because of the flip screen and sleek design making it very stylish and compact. It uses lithium battery for extended play of at least 10 to 18 hours. The Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Console is portable and even compatible for use on other virtual games and is a sure hit for all gamers.

The Nintendo GameCube Console is another video game console that provides great graphics and audio. It may look like a toy but this is an extremely powerful video game system considered also as the next generation in game systems. It has a design that is very appealing to the eyes because of its small size and playful appearance. Unlike other video game systems, the Nintendo GameCube Console is only for game playing.

For most people, however, having the Sega Dreamcast Console would be great. This console has wonderful audio and video effects that can awe even advance gamers. This incredible small video game system has great performance and gamers will definitely enjoy the graphics that this console provides.

There are other video game systems available worldwide. Many people are already experiencing the ultimate game play and movie playing with these video game systems. Be one of those people to enjoy and have a complete entertainment system in their home. Choose from these different video game systems and start experiencing ultimate game play entertainment at the comfort of your own home.
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video game system stands

A video game system is a device for kids and kids at heart that is wonderful, fun and entertaining whereas often addictive too. Advance technology has taken a turn in the way video games where once was and now have become more entertaining than ever. Video games have become sophisticated and surprising for many people especially when game play has become more realistic and powerful. Many people have played video games as a means to pass time or take part in a challenging environment joining other video game users. Due to every day uses, video games also need proper maintenance for longer life span and to maintain a great performance. To do this, you should consider using the proper stand for your video game.

There are many stands to choose from. Depending on the kind of video games you have and also based on your personal preference, choosing the right stand will be easy. Here are the following stands that can be used for video games:

Xbox 360 Fan Stand

Xbox 360 Fan Stand is a unique stand recommended for those video gamers that pulls all-nighters to keep your Xbox cool, in turn, adding a longer life span and better performance. Special features of this stand are hardware stability and protection from other heat sensitive components in the video game system that will definitely extend the hardware systems lifespan.

Vertical Stand for Xbox 360

Vertical Stand for Xbox 360 allows you to store your Xbox vertically and at the same time, store up to 10 of your favorite games and two memory cards as well, and it can be placed beside both ends of the Xbox. This stand is matched to the Xbox chrome look that secures your Xbox in a vertical position.

Sony Playstation 2 New Vertical Stand Compact

This stand saves a lot of space for Playstation 2 because it can store the Playstation 2 in a vertical position supporting both sides of the video game system. Its purpose is to keep away potential damages that may lessen the video game’s prolonged life and will likely lessen the performance of the game system. Most likely, this stand is designed with an airflow lessening the chance for the video game system to overheat. It has a stylish color that complements the Playstation 2 while providing protection and stability.

Sony Playstation 2 Vertical Stand with Memory Card Slots

This stand is the same as the Sony Playstation 2 New Vertical Stand Compact. However, the only difference is that it has Memory Card Slots. This is suitable for those that have more than one Memory Card.

PS2 Vertical Stand

This is a unique stand that allows a PS2 Mini system to be positioned vertically saving space and allowing more games to be stored.

Sony Playstation 2 Eye Toy Camera 2 Stand Alone

This is great and fun for playing games, the body is used as a control while in a game. Because of the eye toy camera, easy access to any games gives new experience to game playing. In fact, anyone with this stand can take pictures of a face or characters and place it on a game.

Glow Vertical Stand for PS2

This stand is especially for Sony’s compact PS2 console with a blue glow color. Batteries are not needed or any other AC connections; it instead uses the power supply of the PS2. This stores PS2 in an upright, vertical position for easy storage.

Sony Playstation 2 Vertical Console Stand

Available only for the Sony PS2, this stand is great for console storage or display. Consoles should be displayed properly in place. Therefore, this video game stand allows consoles to be displayed in an upright position away from unpredictable incidents that may occur during game play.

Sony Playstation 2 Vertical Stand Game Storage

This stand is perfect for those that need extra storage for games or DVDs. It is stylish and allows games to be properly organized in a vertical position providing space and easy ventilation for the game system.

There are other game stands available for you to use and yet finding the right one for your video game system must always be taken into consideration. Great performance and better quality video game systems needs constant maintenance so try using a video game stand for proper storage. After all, investing in a video game system is not entirely something you can dispel right away and then just buy another console again.
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video game system reviews

To date, we now have seven generations of video game systems. From Magnavox’s Odyssey to the Nintendo’s Wii, you can conclude that the era of modern gaming has just yet started. There will be more video game systems to come, and probably future game consoles are now on its ‘finishing touches’ stage as of this moment. What can youexpect? Sony may be on its way to another sequel to its PlayStation 3 or Microsoft is into more advanced game consoles that will take the gaming public by storm.

Most video game systems which belong to the seventh generation will be released on the last quarter of 2006. These include PlayStation 3, Wii, and Evo: Phase One. In addition, there are still individuals who want to take the good old times in pursuit of the old game systems, particularly the Atari-produced game consoles. Thus, you are given hundreds of choices in terms video game systems. From the old ones to the new ones’there is just a lot for you to choose from.

In choosing a video game system, there are many things that you need to consider. It includes your personal preference on what type of games you are looking for, the compatibility of the games with respect to the video game system, its basic features and technical specifications, and other game system-related criteria. You need a reliable source to provide you initial information and some helpful insights that you can rely on when choosing a video game system.

You need not go far just to look for such useful information. In fact, this information is just a few clicks of your computer mouse away from you. Try to utilize your Internet-connected personal computer and search for various video game system reviews online.

These video game system reviews will give you information and insights made by reputable personalities on the gaming industry as well as the gamers who have already got a try of a particular or several video game systems. In addition, you will be able to participate and make your own reviews based on your own experience of owning and using a certain video game system.

What you can expect when you search for an online video game system review? Check out the following and make sure that the review you are referring has it.

‘ Review search- an online video game system review must have an extensive collection of reviews that are focused on different game consoles. Whether you are looking for an Atari 2600 or Microsoft Xbox, make sure that they have sufficient review collections for all video game systems, especially the new releases.

‘ Video game system archives- this section provides extensive information about different video game systems, from the Atari consoles to the new generation consoles. Their technical specifications as well as brief descriptions are discussed to give you an idea how it will be once you own a particular video game system. It also includes rating in terms of features, games, and graphics of the game system.

‘ Review polls- this particular section is devoted to gamers who want to share their own experiences with several video game systems. It answers several questions, such as the video game systems that they presently own, their impression with regards to the new generation of game consoles, and their insights on various games, whether old or new. In addition, you can register your own experiences and insights that can be of help to other gamers as well.

‘ Online message boards- this is an interactive forum where there are latest reviews posted on a regular basis. You may participate in online discussions focused on the video gaming industry. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions or seek advices from gaming experts and other participating gamers.

Online reviews are commonly written on a chronological order, with the latest reviews on the main webpage. In most cases, reviews on a specific date tackle a particular video game system and the popular games that are compatible with it. For instance, you might come across a review about the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and some of its popular games such as Super Mario Brothers, Isolated Warriors, and Pirates.

Before you purchase any video game system, make sure that you will read online reviews. Use this to grab the best game console, whether an Atari 2600 or a Sony PlayStation 3.
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video game system rack mount

Rack mounts are essential accessories used to organize video game systems in a very convenient and stylish way. It allows more accessibility to users and prevents mess around every corner. It is also very helpful in protecting your electronics by holding them firmly to avoid accidental falls. In this way, you can prolong the lifespan of your equipments, enjoying the entertainment that it provides for a much longer time.

With the entire video game systems rack mounts that are widely available, the users have the option to choose from among the best according to its compatibility and design. However, some of these video game systems rack mounts can be purchased in packages along with the game consoles.

These rack mounts are created with different specifications and features to serve specific purposes. As a potential user of a video game system, you must be aware of some important factors to look for in a video system game rack in case you want to purchase it for your own video game system.

The very basic characteristic of a video system rack to be considered is the airflow. Video game systems can produce lots of heat during prolonged periods of playing. So, dissipation of heat can become critical. Other features include: easy access on the equipment being mounted, good mounting brackets where there is a standard spacing of mounting holes and distance so that the equipment can be installed in different configurations, good grounding of mounting brackets, and accessibility to equipment cables. In some racks, there is also a built-in noise reducer.

The Internet provides a wider selection of video game system rack mounts to browse and shop. Different online stores are selling various kinds of video game system rack mounts that will suit your preference and your taste. There is an easy way to look around so that you can find the type of video game system rack mount for your video game system in case you find looking for it in your local area difficult.

Choose a search engine that you prefer and type the name of the video game system that you have. You can select either the hardware or accessories options then from there, you could select the appropriate video game system rack mount.

Take for example; you can type ‘Playstation’ in one of the search engine. Then you will be given a series of choices. From the choices, select one then click the hardware or accessories options.

Take note, only some of the video game systems have an available rack mount. It is easier if you purchase the video game system from your local stores since you can directly ask the storeowner if there is an available rack mount for it. But if you purchased your video game system online, there might be a slight difference. However, you can always browse and make a thorough research about the video game systems rack mount that you need. Compare the prices as much as possible to find the best product deal.

Some of the video game system that has the appropriate rack mount is the PlayStation 2 System. It includes the Horizontal Stand and the Vertical Stand. Both have different unique features to offer and functions as well. The Horizontal Stand slightly raises the PlayStation 2 systems where it can perform important functions while looking cool. The Vertical Stand provides extra space because the PlayStation 2 system can be installed vertically supporting it on the sides.

Since you are placing your order online, it is very important to read its terms and conditions. Warranty of the products must be understood properly as well as the shipment costs. Also recheck the stores return policies. This could be used in case you found out that the product being delivered to you is not functioning well. Remember, shipment problems happen making the product defective and some problems might be already acquired upon its manufacture.

After you received the order, make sure to check the products specifications. Check for loose mounting brackets, screws, and other small paraphernalia. However, to prevent this problem from happening, make sure that you shop on reputable video game system online stores that are selling high quality rack mounts. They should have a customer service department that will cater to your comments and complaints. It is also advisable to read customer forums and reviews to double check the product’s quality since video game systems rack mount is truly a big help to both its users and the game systems.

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video game system

Entertainment takes its new form. With the development of technology and its integration to various aspects of our lives, traditional entertainment such as theatrical plays and cultural shows is replaced by so-called ‘electronic entertainment’. There you have various digital and animated films that you can watch on movie houses or on your home entertainment system, cable television system (CTS), and the video game system, which is popular not just to young and old gamers alike but also to game developers, merely because of the development of innovative technologies that they can use to improve existing game systems.

The video game system is intended for playing video games, though there are modern game systems that allows you to have an access over other forms of entertainment using such game systems (like watching DVD movies, listening to MP3 music files, or surfing the Internet). Thus, it is often referred to as ‘interactive entertainment computer’ to distinguish the game system from a machine that is used for various functions (such as personal computer and arcade games).

The first generation of video game system started when Magnavox (an electronics company which manufactures televisions, radios, and gramophones or record players) released its first video game system, which is the Magnavox Odyssey designed by Ralph Baer. Odyssey’s popularity lasted until the release of Atari’s PONG video games. Magnavox realized that they cannot compete with the popularity of PONG games, thus in 1975 they created the Odyssey 100 video game system that will play Atari-produced PONG games.

The second generation of video game system came a year after the release of Odyssey 100. In 1976, Fairchild released the FVES (Fairchild Video Entertainment System), which made use of a programmable microprocessor so that a game cartridge can hold a single ROM chip to save microprocessor instructions. However, because of the ‘video game crash’ in 1977, Fairchild abandoned the video game system industry. Magnavox and Atari stayed in the video game industry.

The rebirth of the video game system started when Atari released the popular arcade Space Invaders. The industry was suddenly revived, with many gamers made purchase of an Atari video game system just for Space Invaders. In other words, with the popularity of Space Invaders, Atari dominated the video game industry throughout the 80s.

Video game system’s third generation came into being after the release of Nintendo’s Famicon in 1983. It supported full color, high resolution, and tiled background gaming system. It was initially launched in Japan and it was later brought to the United States in the form of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. And just like Atari’s Space Invaders, the release of Nintendo’s famous Super Mario Brothers was a big success, which completely revived the suffering video game system industry in the early months of 1983.

Sega intended to compete with Nintendo, but they failed to establish substantial market share. It was until 1988 when Sega released the Sega Genesis in Japan on October 29 of the same year and on September 1, 1989 in the United States and Europe territories. Two years later, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1990.

Atari came back with their new video game system, which is the Jaguar and 3DO. Both systems could display more onscreen colors and the latter made use of a CD instead of game cartridges, making it more powerful compared to Genesis and SNES. Nintendo, on the other hand, opted to release new games such as Donkey Kong Country instead of producing new video game systems. Sega’s Vectorman and Virtua Racing followed suit. Several years later, Sony, Sega, and Nintendo released the fifth generation of video game systems (PlayStation, Saturn, and N64, respectively).

The sixth generation of game systems followed, involving Sega (Dreamcast, which was their last video game system and the first Internet-ready game system), Sony (PlayStation 2), Nintendo (Game Cube which is their first system to make use of game CDs), and the newcomer Microsoft (Xbox).

The latest generation of video game systems is now slowly entering the game industry. These are as follows:

‘ Microsoft’s Xbox, which was released on November 22, 2005;
‘ Sony’s PlayStation 3, which is schedule to be released on November 11, 2006 (Japan), November 17 of the same year (North America), and March 2007 (Europe); and
‘ Nintendo’s Wii, which is scheduled to be released on November 19, 2006 (North America), December 2 of the same year (Japan), December 7 (Australia), and December 8 (Europe).

The development of video game system does not end here. There will be future generations of game system being developed as of this moment, which will defy the way we define ‘entertainment’.
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Video Game Rentals Online Easy Way of Renting your Favorite Games

When it comes to video game rentals today, the procedure couldn’t be any easier. A number of online rental clubs have established their dominance within the video game rental realm. Lets take a look at a few and what they have to offer:

GameFly and Gottaplay are among the elite rental companies known in the market today. These two dominant rental services have more than four thousand games each within their collection to distribute at anytime. Both are equally matched in the marketplace and both offer well optimized websites to handle the renting aspect of the field and also contain previews, trailers, and codes which many game fans will enjoy as an added bonus.

Gamers will be eager to choose from titles both new and old and also from consoles such as XBOX, PS2, and PSP. Not only are the major game consoles included within these plans, but older systems as well including Nintendo, Sega, and Gameboy Advanced These rental plans generally range from $12.95 to $24.95 a month depending on how many games you would like to rent at a time.

When it comes close to renting video games, online rental companies are the only option for most. All titles from the two groups mentioned above are shipped within 1-2 business days and have many distribution points located anywhere in the U.S. Once you’re done with your game, you can return it in the self addressed envelope it came with and receive your next title immediately, with no late fees, and especially no gimmicks. Each game can be purchased at anytime if you decide you would like to keep the title. These prices are a lot lower than you can find most used games at your local used video game store.

Once you have established your video game rental account, you may want to check and see how long the game takes to reach your doorstep. Gottaplay and Gamefly have many distribution centers across the US, so you should not expect to wait anymore than 4 business days from the day they send out your shipment.

For experienced gamers, I would substantially suggest into checking out the superiority and selection of the leading online rental facilities mentioned above or on our review page below. You will not be disappointed, as most rental plans have offered a free 14 day free trial.

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