RPG System: Achieving your Game Objectives Successfully

A game makes a child happy and keeps him or her pre-occupied. It is an activity that brings not just fun and entertainment but also several lessons in life. You might notice it when you were still a child, but you learned to follow rules, face challenges, and interact with your playmates’which are all vital things that a responsible human being should learn. It involved physical and/or mental simulation, which helps you develop practical skills and other aspects of your personality.

Thus, a game is not just about pure entertainment. As previously mentioned, it helps you develop your overall personality’how you will act on a particular situation, how you will decide on a particular instance, and how you will solve a problem. Depending on the type of game that you want to play, it can enhance either your physical or mental ability, or sometimes both.

Probably you are familiar with an RPG or a role-playing game. This is a type of game where you assume the roles of a character and produce stories. You will be the one to determine the actions of your character/s based on its own personality, and the success or failure of such actions will depend on the system of rules and regulations of the game. Thus, in an RPG, you have the freedom to improvise your characters and what its destiny would be as long as it is within the game’s rules and regulation. The choices that you will select for your character will shape the direction as well as the outcome of the game.

What makes RPG unique to other types of games (board or card games) is that it rarely has losers or winners. It is more of a collaborative and interactive type of gaming than competitive. Although there are competitions that may arise, a typical RPG unites you and other participants into a team (which is known as party) and play as a group in which you share the blessing of each success that you will achieve as you play the game.

Part of playing an RPG with fun and learning is to be aware of the mechanics of the game, or also known as a role-playing game system. The game system used in RPG is roughly similar to the game engine (the core software component) of a video game.

The RPG system can take several forms.

‘ A generic role-playing game system is independent of the setting and genre of the game. The rules and regulations will work the same way as for any setting that you would want to play. One of its advantages is that you only need to purchase and learn from one main rule book, which will help you save time and money. Since the settings share a huge set of features (like the way your character move and fight), you need not learn such basics when you are in a new setting using the same generic rules.
‘ There are game systems that depict a particular genre or style of play (such as Dungeons and Dragons).
‘ There are also systems that are not genre-specific yet come bundled with a particular campaign setting (such as the RuneQuest).
‘ The D6 system is one of the popular role-playing game systems, where it makes use of a 6-sided die to determine the attributes or raw abilities of a game character in a certain area. The D6 game system represents six main attributes; 3 of which represent physical characteristics (Physique, Coordination, and Reflexes) and the other 3 represents mental characteristics (Knowledge, Perception, and Presence).

All RPG systems require the participation of a GM or game master. They commonly create a certain setting for various game sessions, depict most of its inhabitants, and act as an intermediary or rule arbitrator for players. The rest of the game participants that are within the control of a GM are the player characters, which may collectively form a ‘party’.

The game master will field a story goal for the players to fulfill through the actions of their in-game characters. It involves interaction with NPCs (non-player characters), other occupants of the game world (which is commonly played by the GM), puzzle-solving, combats, and negotiations.

A role-playing game will provide the entertainment that you are looking for, in addition to the enhancement of your overall personality. You should learn the game system so that you can achieve your goals in a role-playing game.
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Play With Original Nintendo Games through Your Home PC or With the Latest Nintendo Game System

When you ask people about Nintendo, they will usually give you the same answer. They will usually tell you that Nintendo is the manufacturer of some the most popular gaming console ever made.

It is a fact that Nintendo is one of the most popular names in the gaming systems industry. The company is known to produce quality gaming consoles and is one of the biggest companies in the video gaming market. They have created different gaming consoles and almost each one of the consoles was very successful.

For example, in 1985, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. This particular video game system is the most successful game system ever made by Nintendo. Over 60 million NES units were sold worldwide and it is also considered that this particular unit revitalized the crashing video game system industry in the early 80s.

Nintendo is also popular for creating the most popular game in the world. To this day, nothing compares to the popularity that the Super Mario Bros. game has reached.

The NES game system also led the way to modern video game technology. It led different companies to develop new game systems and the competition in the video gaming industry became even more intense. With different video game developers popping out of nowhere, Nintendo realized that it also needed to evolve to compete with the other big companies.

Today, Nintendo remains one of the three dominant companies in the video game industry. They still produce and are still developing new game systems that can ultimately allow them to compete with the other companies. The company still produces quality game systems and quality games that entertain many households all over the world.

Because of the great advancement in video game technology and also in computer technology, old games have been rendered obsolete and Nintendo discontinued production of their original game systems and games to make way for newer games and newer game systems to compete in the intense video game industry.

However, because of the rapid development in the gaming industry, people have been suggesting that the video game manufacturers should integrate a backward compatibility feature in their new game systems. Nintendo considered this and are developing their new gaming consoles to be compatible with their old game titles.

Nintendo also has a website that you can easily access and play their old games online. You can also purchase different original Nintendo games through the internet, download it, install it in your home PC and play with it. You can choose from the different popular titles that Nintendo developed, such as Athena, Super Mario Bros. series, Castlevania and a lot more.

The upcoming Nintendo Wii also promises backward compatibility of Nintendo’s games. The release date for Nintendo Wii will be on November 2006 and a lot of people are awaiting its release. Aside from the promising features that Nintendo Wii offers, such as wireless internet access, great games, and others, Nintendo Wii will also be capable of letting the user play with Nintendo’s old original games.

Nintendo Wii is a promising gaming console and is expected to be a worldwide success. It claims to be able to change the way people will look at gaming consoles with features never before seen in a video game system.

So, if you want to play original Nintendo games, you can take your old game system out from your attic or basement, wipe off the dust that accumulated, set it up, and play your favorite original Nintendo games. Or, you can also play original Nintendo games by purchasing it and downloading it on the internet. You can easily install the original Nintendo games in your computer and play with it.

You can also wait for the upcoming release of Nintendo Wii with the capability of playing old original Nintendo game titles.

With all the different original Nintendo games available, you will surely have fun playing with your favorite games over and over again. So, if you feel like playing retro Nintendo games, you can consider the mentioned options. Nintendo really produces quality games that you can never get tired off even if you finished the games over and over again.

This just proves that Nintendo creates quality game systems and also develops quality games that you and your family can enjoy.
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The Glory and Fall of Old Game Systems

The seventh generation of video game systems is currently pushing its way to the gaming industry. In fact, Microsoft-produced Xbox 360 is the only video game system that has been released so far as far as the seventh generation of game consoles is concerned. Sony’s PlayStation 3, Nintendo’s Wii, and Evizions Computer Entertainment’s EVO: Phase One are all scheduled to be released at the last quarter of 2006. These video game systems have a long way to go and different game developers are on their way on creating the next generation of video game systems that will be released as soon as possible.

Beyond the new generation of video game systems, probably you already forgot its predecessors, particularly the first and second generations. Such generations became the ‘cream of the crop’ of the gaming industry during its early years, and facilitated the development of subsequent video game systems until the seventh generation. What we do not realize is that new video game system becomes old video game system soon, and is soon forgotten in a dusty corner.

That is what exactly happened to the old game systems. Once, they have been glorified because of the extraordinary entertainment that it provides to the gaming public. But now, they are just within the sidesteps of our memory, being demolished by new game systems which, as previously mentioned, will soon become old technologies once newer systems will be introduced to the market.

At this point, we need to refresh our memories and take ourselves back to the time when old game systems were at the pedestal of excellent recognition during the first stretch of video game systems and rediscover why we loved these game systems in the first place.

Atari 2600

The Atari 2600, which was released in October 1977, became the first successful video game system to use plug-in cartridges instead of the traditional built-in games. It was originally known as Atari VCS (Video Computer System), which was changed in Atari 2600 in 1982 after the release of the more advanced 5200. It is equipped with two conventional joystick controllers, a game cartridge, and an adjoined pair of paddle controllers.

The fundamental layout of Atari 2600 is similar to other game systems and home computer during the 80s. Its central processing unit (CPU) was the MOS Technology 6507, an 8-bit microprocessor capable of addressing 8 KB of game memory, which is considered to be a lot during the 70s era. It was running at 1.19 megahertz on the 2600 model. The game system contains 128 bytes RAM for runtime data, which included state of the game world and call stack. In the absence of a frame buffer (a video output device which drives a video display from a memory buffer that has an extensive data frame), the 2600 made use of 2 bitmapped sprites, single-pixel ball, 2 single-line missile sprites, and a playfield. On the other hand, its video hardware gave 2600 the reputation of being among the game machines in the world that is difficult to program.

Atari 7800 Prosystem

The 7800 Prosystem was released by Atari in June 1986, which is designed to reestablish the company’s market supremacy against two of the prominent video game system producer during that time (Colecovision and Intellivision) as well as to replace the unpopular Atari 5200. The 7800 Prosystem addressed the shortcomings of 5200, particularly the joysticks and the compatibility with 2600-enabled games.

The 7800 Prosystem was Atari’s first video game system designed by other company, particularly the General Computer Corporation (GCC). Since it was designed to be upgraded into a complete home computer, the game system made use of a keyboard which had an expansion port in addition to other peripherals such as printers and disk drives. Furthermore, GCC came up with a high-score cartridge, which is a battery-backed RAM game cartridge that is developed for saving high game scores.

However, the 7800 Prosystem faced a severe software drought that marked the crash of all Atari game systems. There were few title releases made by Atari and most of them were lacking in feature and was generally unpolished. There were also some 7800 games that were made which are already available in the previous Atari video game systems. It was also noted that there were no effort in recruiting third party game developers, aside from several game titles. Later on, Atari finally announced that they were formally abandoning the 7800 Prosystem.

These are just two of hundreds of old game systems which had been glorified on the early years of video gaming. Although most of them have sad endings, their contribution to the video gaming industry will be remembered and will serve as an inspiration for present video game system development.
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Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS Game Systems, Nintendo�s Latest offering in the World of Gaming

Nintendo is indeed a big company in terms of making video game systems. It even surpassed the ERTS which is a giant publisher of video games in the United States, but then again, Nintendo concentrates more on the consoles than developing their own games. Nintendo has a bigger market cap since it produces more high-end products. The stock price run-up of Nintendo is the result of the improved perceptions of some investors about its future prospects and good press release.

Regardless of the price increase in Nintendo’s shares, it has been justified by their low market value. Generally, Nintendo attracts the interests of most investors for many important reasons. The Nintendo Company operates within an exciting industry having long-term perspectives. The game systems are reasonably priced compared to other companies. Their business is considered truly unique providing wonderful intellectual properties appealing to investors and article write ups.

The company became a good steward of intellectual properties. They are very careful on the protection of their beloved characters images and extended even up to the company’s strongest franchise.

Nintendo game systems are considered deadly when talking about its marketing. It is considered as shadows behind Microsoft and Sony corporations. However, taking a closer look at what they have developed, you will find out its advantages and disadvantages.

The Wii revolution developed by Nintendo can be considered as a powerhouse console. It is tracking a different direction in the console gaming industry compared to other existing game consoles. The Wii revolution has a nunchuck cordless controller, provides full backward Gamecube compatibility and an additional online library for game downloads. This Nintendo product could certainly pose as a great threat to the other consoles when it is released on November 2006.

When buying a game system, most people considers the prices. It makes a big difference regarding the market sales of many companies. Prices of game systems play a major role in the war of game systems. The Wii revolution of Nintendo can be an excellent choice since you can purchase it for only 250 dollars, cheaper as compared to other game systems. The Gamecube games in Nintendo Wii can be played on the latest console using Gamecube controllers and Gamecube memory cards.

The Nintendo Wii enables the differentiation of Nintendo’s games from other competitors. Most of Japanese gamers believe that Nintendo Wii will be leading the console wars. It is considered as a good investment especially if you give much priority on handheld gaming.

Nintendo also have handheld systems released for the new generation handhelds. The Nintendo DS has a slim-cool-techno design and its games are stored on cards similar to the looks of SD’s. It is equipped with two screens where one is a touchscreen which can be used with a stylus. Infra-red was also built in together with a slot where games from the Game Boy Advance can be inserted.

Nintendo DS provides a game library that are really great. It can also play the GBA games. The users can also chat to their friends using the Pictochat program. They can also download the Nintendo homebrew software for playing. The battery and its backlight are also reviewed as very satisfactory.

The Nintendo DS is appropriate for people who do not show great interests in playing MP3 music or films. The users also don’t wait for a long time on loading the games. In this case, the Nintendo DS beats the PSP when loading games on the games library. The disadvantages include the inability to play GBC or GB games, wrong positioning of A & B buttons, and a very delicate design of the touchscreen.

Nintendo is purely an entertainment company. However their games sales are intertwined inextricably with console sales. In addition, their hardware sales do not affect much of the total sales. Since Nintendo games sell the consoles itself, it directly affects game play experiences acting as platforms.

Nintendo games are closely associated with platforms of video games. It mainly focuses on making good games, the reason why it churns out only a small number of games itself. Compared to other console manufacturers, Nintendo Company started life being an entertainment company since it was popularly known for its games.

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The Great Fun and Adventure found in Each and Every Nintendo Game System

Nintendo is one of the best companies in the world to offer quality entertainment through video games. It is a fact that when you ask people about Nintendo, they will give you the same or almost the same answers, which is video gaming. It is also a fact that Nintendo is one of the pioneers in modern video gaming technology. They have paved the way for different companies to also produce game systems that can really entertain different people from all over the world.

Nintendo started out with NES and Super Mario Bros. game. It is a fact that Nintendo owes it success to the NES and their Super Mario game. Both their first game system and their game have really brought success to the company and with this kind of perception, Nintendo have earned the trust of people that they are truly a company that produces quality game systems and quality games.

NES or Nintendo Entertainment System developed so much craze in the public that Nintendo began designing, manufacturing and eventually released game systems that also became immensely popular.

After the NES, Nintendo offered the Super NES or Super Nintendo, which was also a hit. Nintendo also entered the handheld gaming systems industry and developed and released their first ever handheld game system called the GameBoy. GameBoy was a huge success that Nintendo continued to develop different gaming consoles both for standard gaming consoles and for handheld gaming consoles.

In 1996, Nintendo released Nintendo 64 or N64 which was also a hit. With this gaming console, 3D technology was one of the key features that made it a success. With stunning graphics in its time, Nintendo 64 became a legend. However, something bigger and better was about to come.

In 2001, another handheld gaming system was released by Nintendo. Nintendo named it the GameBoy Advance. This particular handheld gaming system took the world by storm and it has proven to be another gaming system success for Nintendo. GameBoy Advance has graphics that is better than Super NES and it also comes in a streamline shape and small size that can easily fit your pocket. In comparison to its predecessor, the GameBoy and GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance is far more advanced in terms of graphics technology and also in game play.

In the same year (2001) another version of gaming console was released by Nintendo. It was called the GameCube and it competed really well against other new game consoles that were popping out of the market. Although GameCube wasn’t really a hit compared to other gaming consoles that were released in the market, it was accepted by the public as a good game system for their kids.

People thought that nothing can get better than Nintendo GameBoy Advance. However, Nintendo’s competitors developed a far more advanced handheld game systems and Nintendo responded with the Nintendo DS. This particular handheld gaming system is one of the latest and also one of the most popular handheld game systems out in the market today. With features that were never before seen in a handheld gaming system, such as touch screen technology, and integrated Wi-Fi Online capabilities, Nintendo DS is considered to be the next generation in handheld gaming technology.

It is a fact that Nintendo GameCube gaming system was not really a success. So, Nintendo is now developing one of the latest in gaming console technology that the company claims to revolutionize the way people see what a gaming console is. Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo Wii is one of the most anticipated gaming systems that the world is looking forward to. With promising features and specifications, people is now considering it that it will be one of the best selling gaming consoles that will ever hit the market.

These are the gaming systems developed by Nintendo in the past two decades. So, the next time you consider purchasing a gaming system, consider Nintendo gaming consoles to be one of your choices.

Not only will it guarantee great quality games, but it will also give you one of the best video gaming experiences that you can ever have. With a wide library of games, you will surely never get bored when you play with the Nintendo gaming systems. With all the technological advancement that Nintendo have in the gaming console industry, you can only imagine what the people in Nintendo will think of next in their gaming systems.
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Nintendo DS Game Systems: Handheld Gaming at Its Finest

When people hear the word Nintendo, they will usually think of a company that manufactures quality gaming console and they will also think of great games and great entertainment.

For more than two decades now, Nintendo is still manufacturing and developing great gaming systems that everyone enjoys. The people working in Nintendo always works hard everyday to keep their customers interested and entertained and develop new forms of gaming console for people to buy.

If you remembered the NES or Nintendo Entertainment System, you know how Nintendo literally revolutionized the way the world see video game systems and are continuing to do so. Today, you will see different popular gaming console popping out of the market. You will see that the technology in the gaming world have since vastly improved in terms of graphics and sound technology. The game play has even changed. More realism in games has made it more fun to play for everyone.

Nintendo is also famous for their GameBoy, one of the most famous handheld gaming systems in the world. In the market of handheld gaming systems, Nintendo is still competitive besides the fact that many game system manufacturers are also developing and releasing famous brands of their versions of handheld gaming system.

If you are familiar with Nintendo, you will be familiar with their products, such as GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, and their latest, the GameBoy DS, which the company claims will again revolutionize the world see handheld gaming.

With today’s technology, it will seem that every bit of features that you want to find in a handheld gaming system is now possible. Now, with Nintendo DS, a successor to their previous Nintendo GameBoy Advance, many gamers will certainly want to have this new generation of handheld gaming system.

So, you may now ask what is so special about this new handheld game system called the Nintendo DS.

First of all, Nintendo DS stands for Dual Screen. It has 3D rendered graphics with ultra bright screens. Nintendo claims that it will deliver the latest technologies in handheld gaming existing today.

Another great thing about Nintendo DS is that you, as a player, can now be able to play with or against anyone wherever they are in the world as long as they have a Nintendo DS and an internet connection. This is now possible because Nintendo DS can connect wirelessly through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and you can play with or challenge players around the world.

The two bright screens of Nintendo DS can produce 3D views with great quality that can really surpass images displayed in Nintendo 64. Nintendo DS is also integrated with touch screen technology. The lower screen in the Nintendo DS is capable of touch screen technology that is never before seen in any handheld gaming system in the world.

With the touch screen technology, you will be able to navigate through menus or access different items on the game or you can even move your character with the use of a stylus or your fingertips. This means that you will no longer be dependent on the buttons to do all the actions in the game.

Not only that, another way to interact with the game is through a built in microphone port. This means that with Nintendo DS, you can tell your games what to do. This provides a greater way for you to interact with your games.

If you like your old GameBoy Advance games and you still want to play with it with Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS game system offers a separate media port for GameBoy Advance cartridges in single player mode.

So, if you need a one of a kind handheld game system that offers great features, then Nintendo DS is just right for you. With all the technologies mentioned, you can be sure that you will really get quality graphics and as well as flexibility for your games.

Just imagine what you can do with Nintendo DS. No longer will you be bound on playing single player or two player modes with your friends, but you can also play with others from all over the world through Nintendo’s latest offer.

Playing with Nintendo DS will definitely change the way you look at handheld game systems. If you try playing with Nintendo DS, you will surely want one for your own.
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Nintendo: Knowing About Their New Game System

With all the different game systems coming out of the market, people have been trying to find out which one is better. The latest technology integrated in today’s newest game systems have been keeping people debating about which game system is better and which one should be considered as the best game console ever made.

Wii is one of the latest game systems ever released in the market today and by far, it is one of the most popular game systems available. Developed by Nintendo, people will surely buy this game system.

Nintendo is one of the known video game system manufacturers. This company developed Wii as well as other popular game consoles. Nintendo developed the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES where it is considered as the best selling game system of all time. The next game system Nintendo developed is the Super NES as well as GameBoy, GameBoy Advanced, Nintendo 64 and the GameCube.

Wii is the latest addition in the Nintendo entertainment line and the company claims it will revolutionize the way people see quality entertainment. In the past, Nintendo was seemingly boxed out by other competitors in the video gaming console industry. However, with the Nintendo Wii, it appears that Nintendo have bounced back into the competition against other large companies in the video gaming console industry.

Nintendo Wii has been in the development process for quite some time now and many people are now awaiting the full release and introduction of Wii in the market. The company is also hopeful that the release of Wii will allow Nintendo to keep up with the ever growing demands of people for quality entertainment.

Nintendo Wii is a sleek rectangular box available in different colors. Nintendo’s concept of making it simple and effective still stays the same. Unlike the GameCube though, the Nintendo Wii has taken a more modern turn and beneath the sleek outer shell, it houses a very powerful machine that people will really want to purchase.

Wii promises that it will revolutionize the way people look at gaming console. This particular console will bring a whole new gaming experience for lots of people in the world. So, you may now be asking about the features of this most anticipated gaming console.

Part of the feature of Wii is a simple remote control that looks just like any other TV remote control. However, it contains motion sensor that will be utilized in the game play aspects. For example, the new game titles for the Wii, such as Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will take advantage of the new controller technology to provide the player an effective way to aim.

Wii also has a great hardware feature that can make the latest gaming console available in the market today seem like amateurs and can effectively compete with the upcoming and also anticipated release of other gaming consoles developed by other big names in the video gaming system industry.

Wii is integrated with a PowerPC CPU (Broadway) that is made with a 90nm SOI CMOS process. The CPU inside Wii was developed and manufactured with IBM and the GPU was developed with ATI.

Like the GamCube, Wii also has four Wii remote controllers that can communicate with Wii. This also features a bay for an SD memory card. Wii also has an AV Multi-output port for component, composite or S-Video.

Another great feature of Nintendo Wii is the WiiConnect24. This particular console can communicate with the internet even if the power is turned of. This means that even if the system is idle, it can deliver new surprises or game updates. Wii users can connect wirelessly by using IEEE 802.11 or a USB 2.0 LAN adaptor.

If you like your GameCube games, you can still play with it using Wii. All GameCube discs are compatible to Wii. It can also support single or double layered 12mm optical discs.

There are also the features in Wii called the Wii Channels. This will enable you to change from gaming to other forms of entertainment. You can surf the internet with Wii on the internet channel, catch up with the latest headlines on the news channel, edit pictures and videos that you took with your digital camera in the photo channel, draw 3D caricatures of you and your friends in the Mii channel, and take a look at the latest weather update wherever in the world with the forecast channel.

With all of these features, you can be sure to expect that Wii will be one of the hottest selling gaming consoles in the market.
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New Game Systems: Which Game Systems You Should Buy

People in this modern society demands better entertainment for them to relax after a long day at work or at school. There are different kinds of entertainment available today. Some people go to movie theaters, some play sports, some prefer watching TV or listening to music, while other prefer playing video games.

Today, video game systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and are now integrated with the latest technology in graphics and sounds. If you played with the latest video game systems before, you know how much fun it is to play with these machines.

Game systems are basically a great form of entertainment where you can interact with the TV. Since the beginning of the development of video games, people have been purchasing and demanding newer game system with the latest technology. Because of this demand, many game system developers are striving to provide the best game systems in the industry.

Games for the game systems or consoles are also becoming more and more realistic everyday. These powerful machines combined with the latest games available can really make you feel as if you are a part of the game itself and not just someone playing the game. The realistic environment that is integrated in these games is so good that it created the ESRB. The ESRB rates the games on what particular age it is recommended for.

However, because of the competition that is going on between game system developers and game developers, many people find it confusing on which game systems and games they should buy. First of all, game systems today are so close in terms of graphics and sound technology that it adds to the confusion among consumers.

So, as a consumer, you have to know which game system you should purchase. Since there are a lot of new game systems popping out in the market, you have to choose which game system you should buy.

Here are examples of the latest game systems available in the market today:

‘ Sony PlayStation 2
‘ Microsoft Xbox 360
‘ Nintendo GameCube

There are more game system developer companies that are competing in the market today. And, more and more new game systems are being released. This adds more to the confusion of consumers. In order for you to know which game systems you should purchase, it is recommended that you should compare the different game systems that it is on your list and determine which game system is the best.

You should look for a game system with higher processor speed, has the highest transfer rate, the latest in graphics technology, the highest RAM, the best sound technology, and also other features, such as the ability to let you play online multiplayer games, and also a wide variety of games available.

You should also choose a video game system that has been tested and brought by a lot of customers worldwide. You can also ask your friends who owns a video game system and ask about the performance and also ask if he or she is satisfied with it. You can also gain access to different comments of game system owners through the reviews in the internet.

If you want a more in depth look at the newest game systems available in the market or one that is going to be released in the market soon, you should visit the website of the manufacturers. By doing this, you will know more about the video game system and know which new game system you should purchase.

Always remember that you shouldn’t only base on the price of the game system when you are shopping for one, you should also determine the different technology integrated in the game system and you should also know if the game system has a wide library of games available. Besides, you don’t want a video game system with limited game library; this will create boredom because after you get tired of the same old games, you will likely want to buy newer games for your game console.

So, in case you are shopping for a new video game system, you have to remember all of the things mentioned above. Always remember that these machines don’t come in cheap and this is why it is recommended that you should first research about the machine before you buy.
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NES Game Systems: A Great Way to Relive Old Games

With the different kinds of gaming consoles appearing in the market today that are integrated with the latest graphics and audio technology, you will find it hard to imagine that one of these gaming console originated from a simple and humble beginnings. If you are familiar with the Nintendo GameCube, you have to know that it all originated in a gaming console called Nintendo Entertainment System or NES.

When Nintendo is mentioned, the first thing that comes into a person’s mind is video games. It is a fact that Nintendo has been producing and manufacturing different kinds of gaming consoles since the video game market was still in its infancy.

Unlike the gaming consoles that you see today that were developed by Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is purely in the gaming industry. Sony is known for their hardware and Microsoft on the other hand is known for developing software. Nintendo have been in the business of video games for a long time and still remains as one of the best manufacturers of gaming consoles today.

With the Nintendo Game Cube, you would almost never expect that Nintendo also developed a primitive gaming console that was one of the most popular in the world. Nintendo started out with NES or the Nintendo Entertainment System.

NES is one of the more popular video gaming consoles in its time and is also one of the best selling video gaming console. The games in NES were simple but really entertaining, such as the Mario Bros. and Tetris.

In fact, NES games are so entertaining that many people today who owned NES gaming console are still hooking up their old NES gaming console to their TV and play their old NES games. It is also a fact that the entertaining features of NES games still attracts people from buying the console over the internet or download NES games that they can play in their own computer.

NES gaming console were in fact the best selling console of the company. Even their latest gaming console called the GameCube can’t compete in terms of sales against the NES. Nintendo had an estimated 61.9 million dollars in sales for NES worldwide while GameCube only sold units for only 20.9 million dollars. It may be because of the other competition in the gaming console industry but this proves that NES is one of the best gaming consoles ever developed in the world.

NES also has a wide variety of games. With this feature, many people have been playing NES for a lot of years until the arrival of a more advanced gaming system developed by different companies, such as Sony and Microsoft.

However, the popularity of NES didn’t entirely die. There are still lots of people who like playing NES games with NES gaming console. However, NES games are also readily available in the internet where you can download it for a price.

You have to consider that NES, although has primitive games, develops entertaining games as well. If you have played with a NES before, you know how entertaining their games can be. With a lot of popular game titles, you will surely never run out of games to play with the NES.

So, if you feel like playing NES games again, all you have to do is hook your NES gaming console to your TV, choose the game you want to play and relive the time when you where still young and loved to play different NES games.

With NES, even your kids will enjoy playing with the old games. Even if you have the latest gaming console with different game titles, you will surely want to play with the NES over and over again.

However, if you don’t have a NES gaming console, you can still buy it through the internet. Or, you can download NES games and play it in your home PC. There are different emulators available today that will enable you to play NES games.

Playing with NES games is a great way to entertain yourself and relive the past. If you get tired of the same old games that are available today in the latest gaming console, you can easily step back and play simple and fun games for NES. Hook it up in your TV and start playing with the most popular gaming console ever sold in the market.
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Magnavox Odyssey 2: The Game System That Started It All

Today, you will see different gaming systems that are integrated with the latest graphics and sound technology. The games that are available in these game systems are even amazingly realistic and can really make you feel that you are part of the game and not just as a person playing it. The realistic and customizable character features in some of these games enables you to feel as if you are part of the game itself.

There are a lot of companies that manufactures gaming console competing in the market today. Some boasts that their gaming console can connect to the internet while other gaming consoles brags that it can have up to four different players playing locally at the same time.

With a wide library of games available today and the different gaming consoles available in the market, it is very hard to imagine that these games have evolved from a very simple and primitive beginning.

Before the Magnavox Odyssey 2 gaming system, the Magnavox Odyssey gaming system was the first to come out. This gaming system was developed by Ralph Baer who worked on the Odyssey gaming system for two years. The Odyssey was first called the Brown Box because it was encased on a wooden box. Baer’s associates showed little interest with idea so he looked for a company that is willing to produce his invention and market it.

The company called Magnavox became interested in Baer’s idea and was willing to reproduce it and market it. The Brown Box is an analog system that runs on transistors and capacitors. Baer’s Brown Box underwent a number of refinements and changes before it was released by Magnavox as Odyssey in the year 1972.

Upon release, the Odyssey was the talk of the town. But because of the high price and inefficient and confusing marketing, people thought it needed a Magnavox TV to run. This confusion hurt sales badly but nevertheless, Magnavox sold almost 100,000 units on its first year.

In the year 1978, Magnavox released the new version of Odyssey called the Odyssey 2. This unit was created to compete with the growing gaming console industry. One of the features that made Magnavox Odyssey 2 stand out is the 48-key keyboard to assist in educational games. Odyssey 2 has features that are considered state-of-the-art during its time.

The Odyssey 2 technical specifications were an 8 bit Intel 8048 (1.79MHz) CPU, a 64B RAM integrated in the CPU, 16 colors and 4 on screen, resolution of 280×192, 4 sprites, 1 channel mono sound system, and a 2K programmable game card. These features were considered the latest technology in its time and Odyssey 2 was considered a success with sales that went up to over a million units.

Odyssey 2 gaming console is also integrated with one button digital joysticks, and a QWERTY layout keyboard for educational games.

Odyssey 2 also has expansion modules for different games. It can be integrated with The Voice where it provides speech synthesis and enhanced sound effects. It also had a Chess Module to run the chess program effectively.

So, when you play with the latest gaming consoles that have great graphics and great sound quality, think of where it all began and imagine what may come in the near future. Because of the fast technological development in the gaming console industry, you may assume that more gaming consoles with the best technology available will eventually pop out in the market in the near future.

Just think about it, in less than 30 years, game console developers and manufacturers have developed simple gaming consoles to highly advanced gaming console with the latest technology in graphics and sound in just a little time.

Today, because of the latest development in computer technology and the internet, Odyssey 2 games are readily available for online play. It is defiantly hard to imagine that all the gaming consoles you see in the market today evolved from a simple gaming console developed by a man called Ralph Baer and a company called Magnavox.

Come to think of it, if you played Odyssey 2 before, you would really want to play the old and simple games again. You can play these old games in a number of websites available. Most of Odyssey 2 games are available for online gaming for free.
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