Helping Your Kids Learn Through Leapster L-Max Learning Game System Pink Edition

Your kid’s education should be one of your primary priorities as a parent. You should get them the best education that you can afford, and you should also let them have time for games and toys. There is a lot of gaming consoles available in the market today but you would also want your kids to learn from the games they play.

However, not all kinds of games available for the different gaming consoles are educational. Some games are even integrated with violence, blood and gore that can negatively affect your child’s psychology. It is recommended that you should purchase games that your children can learn from.

In the past, kids learn through shaped blocks and other toys that they can physically hold. Some of these toys can prove to be dangerous. So, you want to buy them something that is safe and something that they can learn from.

It is a fact that playing is one of the best ways a child can learn. It may be logical thinking, language or it can even be math. With the right games, you can really develop your child’s intelligence. Handheld games for children have existed for a long time. However, with today’s advancement in graphics and sound technology, a lot of handheld games for children now have better graphics and better sound quality.

An example of an educational gaming system for children is called the Leapster L-Max Learning Game System Pink Edition. Developed by Leapfrog, you can be sure that they offer quality education and quality toys for your children.

It is a fact that learning can be boring, this is why the Leapster L-Max Learning Game system Pink Edition have took it to the next level and made the learning experience fun for children. This particular gaming system is handheld. However, you also have the option on plugging it to your TV for a much better learning experience.

Leapster L-MAX Learning Game System Pink Edition is recommended for children aged 4 to 10 years old. It also has different gaming titles that you can integrate in the gaming system as your child develops.

It has animations included where your child can easily learn how to identify and write letters and it also has games where your child can play with their favorite cartoon character. This gaming system also teaches math, and language skills for different age levels.

Here are the things that you can expect this game system to teach your kids:

‘ Letters
‘ Rhyming
‘ Spelling
‘ Phonics
‘ Numbers
‘ Addition
‘ Subtraction
‘ Counting
‘ Art

Depending on your child’s capability, you can effortlessly make learning easier for them with this gaming console. Besides, what more can be fun for a child that having the ability to interact with their favorite cartoon character?

No other gaming console for children offers this kind of learning experience than the Leapster L-Max Learning Game System Pink Edition.

So, if you want your child to learn and at the same time have fun, you should purchase this game system for them. With the features that this game system offers, you can be sure that your child will use it for hours to have fun and at the same time learn about things that they will usually get bored off in school.

Language, math and art skills can be developed by using this game system. This game system also has a vast game library where your children can choose which game they want to play. They can choose to play with Dora the Explorer, Scooby Doo, SpongeBob SquarePants and they can even choose to play other different games.

There are different games for different age levels. All you need to do is choose which of the games can accommodate your child.

So, if you want your child to have fun and at the same time learn something while they play, the Leapster L-Max Learning Game System Pink Edition is your choice. With this game system, you can expect your child to learn faster and play at the same time. Think of investing in this game system as investing in your child’s education.
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How to Reset A PS2 Game System

In the gaming console industry, Sony is one of the leading gaming console designer and manufacturer today. It has a wide library of games unlike other consoles and they also have the latest technology in sound and graphics integrated in their gaming console.

In the past, Sony has designed a game console called PlayStation 1 or PS1. After the success of this gaming console, Sony again designed one of the best gaming console that hit the gaming console market. They designed the PlayStation 2 or PS2. Like the PS1, the PS2 has a great variety of games. With a sleek design and great games, PS2 became one of the most popular and widely bought gaming consoles in the world.

Games for PlayStation 2 are readily available in the market today. There are games for all ages, sport games, and even games for mature persons filled with realistic environment and characters and even features that depicts realism, such as violence, blood and gore. The characters in the games are also designed to move like real people.

When people buy a PlayStation 2 gaming console, people just rip it out of the box without even reading the user manual. People do this because they want to play with their new PlayStation 2 gaming console immediately after purchasing it. However, there are different things you should consider when setting up the PlayStation 2 gaming console. You need to remember that PlayStation 2 is entirely different from other gaming console that you may have played with in the past, such as the PlayStation 1.

Of course, you need to know the different features of PlayStation 2 in order for you to properly maintain it in a good working condition. You also have to know how to set it up to avoid frustration.

People who don’t read the user manual because of rushing in on playing their new PlayStation 2 gaming console doesn’t know how to reset it or how to put their gaming console on stand-by mode. They will either usually let the system run for hours or completely shut the system down by unplugging it.

The PlayStation 2 has a reset button located in front of the console. But, you need to read the user manual to locate it. The reset button has two functions, the first is to reset the gaming console and the second function is to put it in stand-by mode.

By pressing the stand-by button for a couple of seconds, you will turn the system on stand-by mode. It doesn’t necessarily turn it off, but it only puts it in stand-by mode. If you leave the system on or completely shut down the PlayStation 2 gaming console, you will likely have a problem with maintenance. Letting it run for hours or shutting it down by pulling the power plug will cause your PlayStation 2 to malfunction.

This is why it is important for you to put your PlayStation 2 gaming console in stand-by mode when you are not using it.

Many people have found that a PlayStation 2 gaming console should be more user friendly for beginners. They feel that Sony should label the reset button with a stand-by label to make it easier for people to use.

It is a fact that many people who have bought PlayStation 2 gaming console neglect to read the instruction manual on how to set-up it up. This is why many first-time users find hard to set it up and how to turn it off. The cables are also questioned. Many people get confused on where to connect the cables and they even suggested that Sony PlayStation 2 should have color coded cables and better labeling to avoid confusion and frustration when setting up the PS2 gaming console.

Unfortunately, Sony will not recall the products they released in the market. So, in order for you to know how to reset the gaming system, you should either read the user manual before setting it up and let it guide you or you can ask advanced PlayStation 2 users on how to reset the PlayStation 2 or put it in stand-by mode.

Always remember that PlayStation 2 is an exceptionally expensive gaming console. This is why you should know how to properly maintain it. So, if you are not using your PS2 put it in stand-by mode by pressing the reset button for a couple of seconds.

When properly maintained, you can expect to play with your PS2 for years to come.
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How to Design a Game System: Making RPG Players More Involved in the Game

When you play in the arcade or in your own gaming console or even in your home PC, you look for a game that feels and looks realistic. Lots of people prefer to play these kinds of games because it makes them feel as part of the game.

People would even try anything to make the game look more real. They even set up their home entertainment system to their game console or their home PC to really get the feel that they are actually in the game and not just playing it. They hook up their wide screen TV to their PC and sometimes they even hook up their surround sound system to make it more realistic.

Game system design technologies have vastly improved these past few years. Today, with the latest 3D and sound technology being integrated in the game, you will really feel as though you are actually the character that you are playing. Games today, particularly RPG games, are now integrated with realistic features. You can hear ambient sounds, different languages, and you can even choose to set it up in a realistic way, such as blood and gore options and surround sound options. Computers today and gaming consoles are also equipped with the latest technology in graphics and sound.

In order to create a game system that people will surely buy, you need to know what people are looking for in a game. One of the most popular game genres available in the market today is called RPG or Role Playing Games. These games let you choose a character or have a character that you can control. Some RPG games are first person shooter and some are on third person shooter games. A first person shooter lets you view the game as if you are the character themselves and in third person shooter, you will also control the character but you will see its whole body.

Today, there are a lot of Role Playing Games available in the market and are still competing to make their game the best in the industry. The next thing you have to consider is the setting of the Role Playing Game. For example, you have to think of a location and time. You have to consider that some people like futuristic games and some people like historical game settings, such as a Role Playing Game in the settings of World War II or Desert Storm.

Knowing how to design a game system will require you to have advanced knowledge 3D graphics technology. You want to make your character and the game environment as real as possible and basic knowledge simply doesn’t cut it. In order for you to have this knowledge, you can consider attending 3D software and graphics courses. In these schools, you will learn how to create 3D characters and 3D environment and how to manipulate them.

If you already have this kind of skills and knowledge, the next thing you need are equipments to design your characters and environments. It is recommended that you should have a PC equipped with the latest processor technology, the highest possible RAM, DVD Writer and also the latest graphics card.

You also need a 3D software program. This is where you will design each of your characters and add different details to make your characters look very real.

There are also different 3D equipments that you need to have in order for you to successfully design a game system.

Whatever Role Playing Game is on your mind, you have to consider that people look for realism. Try playing different Role Playing Games available in the market and try to get an idea on how you can create a successful game that will surely sell.

Always remember that designing a game system can take lots of time. You have to consider putting in a lot of hours designing the game. You also have to know who you will be designing your game system for. If you are designing it for kids, then you don’t want to put in a lot of violence and gore in the game, you want to make it friendly for kids where everyone can enjoy.

A game system design is not a simple task to do. You have to expect to fail for the first few tries. If you encounter errors, go back to your programming and fix the bugs. In time, you will see that you will be able to perfect the game design.
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Get the Best Game Systems Available: Compare Game Systems with a Review

It is a fact that with the stiff competition in the game system industry today, many game system manufacturers are developing the latest game systems integrated with the latest hardware technology available. Because of this, almost all game system manufacturers are telling people to buy them because they are better than the other game system.

It is also a fact that more and more game system manufacturers are popping out in the video game industry and introducing a new kind of game system. This makes it even more confusing to consumers. Because of this, people tend to buy whatever game system they see available in the market. Sometimes, these people end up getting frustrated with what they bought because they tend to think that they weren’t really informed on what game system is the right game system for them.

Game systems or consoles are meant to entertain people who own them. It is a great way to relieve stress and is also a great way to spend time with family and friends. The fact that more and more people are considering buying a game system for themselves or for them home, game system manufacturers are getting more and more competitive with each other.

In order for you to know which game system to buy, you have to know about the different aspects that you should look for in a game system. You can simply compare different game systems in the internet by visiting game system review site. In fact, there are hundreds of different game system review websites available in the internet today. All you need is type in the keywords in your favorite search engine, wait for a second for the search results and start visiting different game system review websites.

By visiting these websites, you will have a better idea on what game system you should buy for you and your family. In these websites, you will see the different comments of users about the game system. Aside from this, it is also recommended that you should also visit the website of the game system manufacturers. In this site, you will learn more about the game system and you can easily compare which game system is better.

However, one of the most important things that you should look for in a game system review is the opinions of people who owned the game system. They will be the one that you can rely on to judge the game system and determine which game system you should buy.

Here are some of the things that you should look for in a game system review:

‘ First of all, you need to determine how wide a particular game system game library is. If there are a lot of games for the game system, then this game system is the game system for you. Besides, you don’t want to get stuck in a limited amount of games. If you get tired of a particular game, you can always purchase another game designed for that particular game system.

‘ The next thing you should look for in a game system is the usability feature. The game system should be easy to hook up, has easy to read labels, and one that could be simply operated.

‘ Of course, you don’t want to get stuck with simple and crude graphics technology. You should look for a game system that offers state-of-the-art graphics and sound technology. With these features, you can be sure that you will have more fun playing with different games available.

This is how you should choose which game system you should purchase. It will only take you just a small amount of time to read the reviews for the different game systems available in the market today. Armed with the knowledge about a particular game system, you will know what you should buy the next time you visit the mall.

Always remember that it is recommended that it is always necessary to read the reviews first before you buy a game system, which can be very expensive. You should never compare game systems by price alone, but you should also compare them to the different things mentioned above. With this, you will be sure that you will be buying the perfect game systems for you to enjoy for years to come.
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Video Game Systems: How It Works

Video game systems or consoles are one of the most popular ways to entertain yourself and your family. People spend a lot of money in video game systems and also the different games that are available in the market. People go to the arcade, or purchase video game systems for entertainment. Besides, what more can be more relaxing after a long day at work or after a hard day at school by having fun? Consoles provide all the entertainment you need to relax and have fun.

If you own a video game system, you will in time, ask how it works. You will be curious on how game developers achieve and design such great graphics and character that you can manipulate during game play. Firstly, you need to understand what a game system is.

A simple explanation is that a game system is a highly specialized computer. In fact, these game systems also have a central processing unit or CPU that are used in desktop computers. However, in order to keep the price of these game systems affordable for most people, game system manufacturers uses a CPU that have been available for quite a long time for it to have a decreased price.

The next question would be why people purchase a game system instead of a computer where most games available in these gaming systems also has versions for the desktop computer.

There are several reasons why people purchase these game systems instead of a desktop computer.

‘ It is usually much cheaper.
‘ Shorter waits for the game to load.
‘ Easy to connect to TV and stereo.
‘ No compatibility issues with games.
‘ All games for a particular game system will run.
‘ No need to set up or install the game before you can play.
‘ Multiplayer capability that is sometime impossible to do with a typical home computer.

Now that you know what a video game system is, the next thing you need to know is how it works.

First of all, since the development of the game system called Atari 2600, nothing has really changed in terms of the basic hardware inside the game console. The only change was that the components even became more advanced. Here are what these game consoles have in common in terms of hardware:

‘ Central Processing Unit
‘ Software kernel
‘ Storage medium for games
‘ Audio output
‘ Video output
‘ Power supply
‘ User control interface

The user control interface is what separates a video game from a TV. This is where you, the user, will interact with the game. Without it, it will be like a passive form of entertainment that is very much like your home TV. The user control interface is where you will plug in your joysticks, or controllers.

The software kernel can be compared to your desktop computer’s operating system. This provides the interface between the different hardware and the video game.

The storage medium for games is where you will put in your games. This is where you put your game CDs or solid state memory cards. New versions of game systems use DVD drives and is considered to be the latest in disk technology.

The audio and video output is where you will connect your video game system to your standard TV and your stereo. Obviously, the video output goes to the TV and the Audio output goes to your stereo system.

As you can see, the video game system works fairly simple. It is simply just a matter of transmitting and receiving electronic signals to hardware in the video game.

Some people even connect their video game systems to their home entertainment system. These people connect their game system to their wide screen TV and some even connects it to their digital surround speakers for a more satisfying and realistic game play.

Most video game system developers today offer a wide library of games for their consoles. Game developers are continuously developing games for the different video game system developers. There are also some versions of their games for the desktop computer.

Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo GameCube are some of the leading consoles in the market today. However, it is up to you which game console you should choose. Depending on your taste in games, you should choose a game console that has great graphics and sound technology that a wide library of games available.
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An Introductory to the Famous Game Systems in the US and Around the World

According to one survey of a major console manufacturer, 1 of every 4 household owns a product made by the former. That number does not include the households that own other makes of video gaming systems.

Video game systems are also called as consoles. These gadgets are hardware where the video games are read and actually played. Consoles can be best described as the terminal where video games are converted into software and are actually transmitted to a monitor. Consoles are extraordinary boxes powered by alternating or direct current. These consoles come out in different sizes, forms and color depending on the manufacturer. There are consoles that are exclusively made for a certain game or game make. The controls, maybe a joystick or a gun, of a console is different from the other. This is why not all games can be played in a certain console.

Every console makes and manufacturer can easily become famous especially if the said console make can read many games. Gamers would actually look for the gadget that can cater not just to one or three games but as many as possible. For a manufacturer, to be famous means to be innovative. People would normally grab things which are new to them. So to make the product sell, makers must put new features and other innovations in the product.

There are so many consoles available nowadays. And its manufacturers keep on developing new consoles every now and then to stay ahead in the market. The US is one of the world’s largest video game enthusiast countries and they are the fastest innovators. Here are three most famous video game systems in the US:

‘ MICROSOFT XBOX ‘ this console is made by Microsoft Company. The first console Microsoft released is the Xbox. The Xbox is a desktop style console that has lower memory and specs as compared to its successor. Four years after, Microsoft then introduced Xbox 360 in the market. This is a tower console that can read even PC games. This contains a 3.2 GHz processor with a memory of 512MB. It has the highest hard drive memory for a video game console which is 20 GB. XBOX 360 can be used for online gaming. With the high technology and specifications Microsoft infused with their console, better graphics can be used by game developers to make the game more realistic.

‘ SONY PLAYSTATION ‘ this console or videogame system was made by Sony Company. There are already many versions of consoles that Sony has made. It all Started with the PS 1. Originally, PS 1 is a console that reads computer games stored in a disc. PS also uses a memory card which stores level, scores etc. The most anticipated version of Play Station is the PS 2 in 2001. It is basically a remake of the PS 1 but with several improvements. The latest released console by Sony is the PSP, or the Play Station Portable. It is a hand held DC powered console. Sony has this new console ready to be released this year. This console is considered to be the seventh generation video game system that Sony has made. This will be released on November 11 in Japan and on 17 in North America. Basically, PS3 is the successor of PS2 that was hugely successful.

‘ NINTENDO GAMECUBE and WII’ this is the latest release of Nintendo. Like its first video game systems, GameCube also uses its original game pad. After Family Computer, Nintendo never stopped improving their home consoles even when they arrived at an amazing console tagged as GameCube. Nintendo, like any other console maker, never stops discovering new things and making new consoles. This November, Nintendo is going to release their newest console; Nintendo Wii. It can comparably be leveled to Microsoft’s Xbox360 and Sony’s PS3. Nintendo Wii is only 8.5 inches long and 6 inches wide and the thickness of this console is only about 2 inches. One of its newedt innovations is a nunchuk looking wireless game pads.

There are still so many video game systems that are sprouting out and making their own name in the industry. As the demands of the gamers keep on leveling up, makers also strive hard to produce video game systems that does not just sell well but become famous with most gamers.

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Xbox Game System Emulators for Playing Xbox Games in Your Mac OSX

It is a fact that the Xbox is one of the most popular game systems available in the market today. With stunning graphics quality and great sound effects, people have been purchasing the Xbox worldwide.

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox provides quality entertainment for everyone. It has different games for every kind of person. It has mature games filled with violence for adults, and it also has games for kids. Microsoft Xbox is really one great machine that you would want to include in your home entertainment system.

Considered as one of the best and the most popular gaming console in the market today, you certainly would want to own one. Besides, a game console that offers and delivers stunning graphics and sound technology, who wouldn’t want to own this game system? Xbox is known to really take you to another level of playing video games. With realistic characters, and realistic 3D environment, you will feel as if you are the character that you are playing and not just the person behind the TV playing the character.

When you own an Xbox, or you have played with the Xbox before, you know that this game system is one of a kind and is a must-have in your home.

However, not all people would want to purchase the Xbox for the reason of owning a home computer that can work just as well as any other game console. However, you should consider that some popular Xbox games are not available in your Mac OSX. So, the question is, how can you be able to play the many Xbox game titles that isn’t available for your Mac OSX?

In order for you to play Xbox games in your Mac OSX, you need a software emulator. Specifically, you will need an Xbox software emulator for Mac OSX. The next question would be where to find such software.

The answer is simple, either you develop your own software if you have enough skills and knowledge about programming or you can download the many kinds of software emulators readily available in the internet.

However, before you download, you have to be sure that the emulator really works or is not a computer virus. In order for you to do this, you need to take a closer look at the reviews. If the review for the software emulator for Xbox to Mac OSX proves to be positive, you have a chance that the emulator you are going to download is authentic and are not riddled with viruses.

You should also consider installing an anti-virus program in your Mac OSX in order to make sure that your computer is safe from malicious software.

Emulators are great software that you can use to play Xbox games right in your Mac OSX. With this software, you no longer have to purchase the Xbox itself. All you need to do is download the software from the internet, install it in your computer and play your favorite Xbox games through your Mac OSX computer.

However, there are drawbacks when you use Xbox emulators for your Mac OSX. One main drawback is the compatibility of the Xbox games to the emulator. Certain Xbox emulators can only play a limited amount of Xbox games in your Mac OSX. This means that you can never really play all the different game titles available in Xbox.

But, if you are only after one game or a few games available only in Xbox, you can consider using Xbox emulators. The only thing is that you have to make sure that the emulator you download can support the Xbox game you want to play in your Mac OSX. There are quite a few Xbox emulators available in the internet. All you have to do is search for one that is capable of playing the Xbox games you want to play in your Mac OSX.

So, if you want to play Xbox games but you don’t want to purchase Xbox for your own reasons, you can consider downloading Xbox emulators for your Mac OSX machine. However, if you want to play Xbox to the fullest and use all features available, you should consider purchasing the actual Xbox itself.

Always remember that before you download the different Xbox emulators available in the internet, you should consider to check the reviews first and know if it actually works and know what kind of Xbox games it can support.
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System Specifications needed for the Da Vinci Code Computer Game

System requirements are not just applicable to some games; these are part of every game. There is no game that exists today that does not have any system requirement for the computer to properly run the game. Aside from that, almost all game requirements are considerably on the part of the hardware device that a gamer must posses.

Video games have lesser system requirements or hardware device requirements because these games are preset to a certain device that is constantly made. Or it can be better said that game programmers adopts with the present hardware device or known as console that their game can play with.

Other video game makers make their own video game consoles which lessens the requirements of the system that is to needed to play the game. However, games cannot be regulated in the sense that only those game console makers are allowed to make game programs. There is no law that rules over the regulation of game production in that matter. There are plenty of independent game makers that are not connected, whether in part or in whole, with big game console producers. These game makers just depend on the mainstream hardware device that can be use for their game.

The most common hardware that is being used to play with certain games is the personal computer. However, there are plenty of versions and specifications that is present nowadays that a personal computer may have. You may find different makes and capacity of processors, video cards, sound cards, RAM, etc. in the market. These specifications are very helpful in thinking what your computer may do for you.

All games have their own system requirements. These specifications are required to attain a good sound, good video output and good playing output for the player. When one or several requirements are not met, chances are that the player will never enjoy the game to its fullest capacity. Just imagine playing a game with a choppy computer, or with a very poor sound, or even unrealistic display, surely one will never be happy with the game.

One of the games that may require special specification to the user is the Da Vinci Code. This game was inspired by the book and the movie that was shown early this year. This game is about Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu’s quest for answers on the secrets of the Priory of Sion and other sects. Their quest was later situated in the game of death when they discover a very critical secret which can possibly ruin the Catholic faith.

The system requirement of the Da Vinci Code game is primarily applicable to personal computers. The basic system requirements are the ones being given ceiling.

Here are the system requirements for the game Da Vinci Code:

‘ Processor ‘ the speed of the processor that is required to play this game is 1.8 GHz. The make is no longer important but the one made by Pentium is more advisable. The speed of the processor is the one that will determine how fast your computer will be able to execute any command from the game. This will be responsible in sending and accepting data coming from the user. The Da Vinci Code game requires speeds like this because visual display and other feature of this game are really high.

‘ Environment ‘ this game can run in Windows 2000, Windows Xp or any higher environment available.

‘ RAM ‘ the requirement of this game for RAM is as high as 512MB. This memory is used to temporarily store data that will be sent for the processor. The faster the RAM the faster the processor will execute.

‘ Disc Space ‘ for a better gaming experience, the Da Vinci Cod Game requires 3GB hard disc space. Too large for a normal computer disc space but just perfect to play Da Vinci Code game.

‘ Video Card ‘ for a good resolution of graphics, the game needs a 64MB DirectX 9c compatible graphic card.

‘ CD-ROM ‘ the game require the average speed of the CD-ROM that equals to 6X. However, the game prefers the user to use a DVD-ROM instead.

In the game, there are places included that are not stated in the book nor in the movie. The player is going to solve meta puzzles and decipher codes from a cryptex. There are 90 levels that a player must finish. If your computer meets or exceeds the requirements, then you will have a better operation of the game allowing you to fully enjoy every aspect of it.

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What does a Computer Game System Require?

Every system that exists on this planet needs a requirement. No matter how many or how big the requirement is, it is essential to comply with the requirements to full realize its potential or to just simply make it work. In science, a system may require any factor affecting it. For example, for a plant to complete its photosynthesis, it must collect carbon dioxide from its surrounding.

This idea is also true in computer gaming. In video games, the peripherals or the devices that you are going to use must meet the requirements set by the game. These requirements are primarily on the capacity of your device; say a console, to perform tasks and to read the game set for by the programmer.

Compatibility also has something to do with computer requirements. The idea behind this is the simple fact that a game can be played with compatible device which can play perfectly the said software. For instance, the video resolution of a program may differ according to the monitor that a gamer may use. With requirements, the user may know which monitor can possibly display good video.

Why set a minimum requirement for a certain console in line with the game? All game programs are innovated in the highest technology environments. When they are incompatible with the hardware devices, chances are that the operation of such game may be greatly affected. These minimum requirements are neither for the game producer nor for the console maker. These are actually for the consumer, in the case of computer video game, for the gamer to have the best possible output from a combination of right game the right system requirement.

Requirements are actually computer specifications that each device must possess. Basically, each game may require certain specifications to the device they must be played with. The game may require the following from the computer:

‘ Processor’s Speed ‘ the speed for the processor is one of the crucial system requirements a certain game may ask your computer to possess. This said speed will determine how fast your computer will act or execute a decision. Since, games are all executable programs, speed of the processor is very important. Processor speed has a unit of megahertz (MHz) and gigahertz (GHz). The unit megahertz are smaller unit than gigahertz. More precisely, a gigahertz is equal to a thousand megahertz. High-speed processors can run any game equal to its speed and lower but slower processors may not run games with higher speed requirements.

‘ Random Access Memory ‘ this is commonly known as the internal memory or plainly memory of the computer. This memory helps store some data immediately needed by the processor. Most of the computer machines available in the market has preset RAM equivalent to 64MB. Most games may require RAM equal to this. However, there are game programs that require higher RAM like 126MB. This is not something to worry about because RAM can be upgraded with higher memory capacity.

‘ VRAM ‘ this stands for Video Read Access Memory. The ability of your computer to display good resolution games depends on the VRAM. This memory works with the video card. Video cards are like processors however it is only focused on feeding the monitor with visual commands. The VRAM is a temporary memory that saves all graphical information that will be later on fed to the video card and the processor.

‘ Disc Capacity ‘ refers to the capacity of the hard drive to store files and information. Disc space is also measured and uses the unit megabytes (MB) just like the VRAM and the RAM. The higher the disc space, the more games that you can store and play in your computer. Like the RAM, disc memory capacity may also be upgraded. One can even have higher memory that can be measured in gigabyte (GB).

‘ CD-ROM drive speed ‘ not all the games that are installed in your pc may no longer require a disc. Most game companies upgrade computer game programs using discs. This are later added in the game specs by means of reinstalling it in the computer. The faster the CD-ROM is the faster the installation will be. Every now and then, you will use the CD-ROM not just in playing games but also in ensuring copyright protection and the like. Just like other requirements, the CD-ROM speed can perform its duty well to game programs that has equal speed requirement or slower.

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Atari Video Game Systems: Reliving the Best Games of the 80s

Atari developed one of the most popular and the most best selling gaming systems in the world. In 1977 Atari successfully launched a gaming system that almost everyone in the world wanted. The Atari Video Computer System or VCS created a new way to entertain the young and old alike in the late 70s to the early 90s.

If you played Atari before, you know how crude and simple the graphics were in this gaming system compared to the 3D state-of-the-art graphics with the latest technology in gaming consoles introduced today.

The popularity of Atari lasted for many years. However, with the introduction of a more realistic gaming system today, Atari became a relic. In the 80s, Atari game systems and its game cartridges flew off the shelves of stores worldwide. You can even compare Atari’s popularity with the Christmas season craze that you may experience with other popular gaming consoles available in the market today.

However, because of overproduction of gaming cartridges, the market for video games crashed. Even with Atari’s success, it was affected by the declining demand in the video game market. By the fall of 1986, Atari gaming systems wasn’t available in most retail stores in the US.

However, even after all these years, Atari games are still fun to play. Even old games like Pac-man, Asteroids, Missile Command, and other popular titles Atari produced were still widely available in the video game market. Although it wasn’t really available in cartridges like before, it is, however, still being played in the internet.

Today, Atari is now a game developer for PC games and other popular gaming consoles out in the market. They now develop games that can compete with the standards that people are searching for in a game. Popular Atari game titles, such as Neverwinter Nights, Test Drive Unlimited, Age of Pirates and others are now available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and others.

These games also have the stunning advanced 3D graphics that most people look for in a game today. With great sound effects and realistic graphic quality, Atari games can really make you want to play their games over and over again.

Atari games are also available in different genres. They have Role Playing Games or RPG, strategy games, action games, first person shooter games, driving games, simulation games, online games, fighting games and they also develop games for kids.

With the different kinds of games available that Atari produces, you can be sure that you will never run out of great game titles from Atari. If you get tired of an Atari game, you simply have to go out and buy another popular title developed by Atari.

However, fun as all the new games Atari is developing now, the old games, such as Missile Command, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Tempers, Battlefield and other popular game titles back in the 70s and 80s are still fun to play with. People who grew up in the Atari era have searched for the old gaming titles in the internet and play it online.

These games can still be played in your PC by just having an active internet connection and logging on to Or, you can purchase the old Atari Video Computer System or VCS in the internet. Today, the game system still exists and people still buys them. Even the cartridges are for sale.

If you want to play old video games the old school way, then purchasing an Atari Video Computer System is the best way to do it. Relive the 80s and play hundreds of different games developed by Atari.

All you need to do is plug the Atari VCS to your TV, plug in your favorite Atari game cartridge and play like you did when you were a child. If you have children, try to let them join the fun by letting them play too.

Atari games are widely available for download in the internet. Old games can be downloaded and played in your computer. But, if you want to play with these old and simple games like in the 70s and 80s, purchase an Atari VCS gaming console in the internet.
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