Video Games From Cheats And Tricks To Reviews

As you probably know that nobody likes a cheater. However, when discovering video game cheats, “cheating” isn’t what you’re doing, but “discovering shortcuts, tips and tricks,” or video game hints.

Video games are usually incredibly complex, since the days of Pong and PacMan, that the game authors have actually hidden some back doors and other shortcuts to help the weary player. The problem is, most of the back doors are well hidden that the same authors have to leak the game cheats or nobody would ever find a back door.

And it’s not only the blood and guts video games that provide cheats to the game player. Take the perfectly bloodless “Finding Nemo” for the GameBoy Advanced. Who’d ever guess that there are at least six video game cheat codes hidden there?

Don’t make a mistake, thinking that it’s just the handhelds. If you play a video game online, for instance,XBox Live, there is a whole set of video game hints available.

Of course, video game cheat codes and game hints could become useless if you don’t have a video game. And that’s why video games have become available on the website.

Any web sites that are worth visiting will not only content video game reviews and cheats for you. but they will also provide you with game walkthroughs. Video game walkthroughs are different from cheats in the sense that they actually “walk you through” the process of achieving some goals. Video game cheats, in contrast , are often cryptic one or two liners like “Enter xx312 in the password field.”

There are different kinds of video game reviews. Each has good and bad points. Professional video game reviews are usually written by paid reviewers who work for video game magazines. These reviews are well-written, in depth, and definitely worth reading. The other most common writer for video game reviews are the actual end users. While an end user will normally have spent a lot more time playing the various video games on the most popular video game systems, you’ll often discover that they are men and women of little words. It’s not uncommon to find a review that says “Wow! Kick Bu** man. I love it!” Now, that’s probably simply saying quite a bit about a particular video game, but — your mileage could be various.

The key thing to be remembered is that you will not invest in a video game if there are only a few people who write a review of the game. Certainly, if everyone believes this advice, there would be no video game reviews on the internet, because everyone would be waiting for others to write a review for them.

There are also game previews. A video game preview is a lot similar to a movie trailer. They include all of the really exciting parts together and provide you a rapid and furious glimpse wishing that you’ll believe that the entire video game is actually as cool as the 90 seconds of video game previews that they let you get a peek at.

The video game industry is at a crossroads. The more people play game online switch, the more the video game systems like XBox Live and all of the XBox video games are out there, it could be predicted that the days of jamming your joystick alone in your room are slated to become “back in the day.” And as there are more video game systems opt for Internet connectivity, you intends to find that you will never have to play video games alone again.

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Video Games Don t Contribute To Violence In Real Life They May Actually Reduce It

Video games serve many purposes. They can be used as a form of entertainment. They can be used as a stress reducer or as a safer outlet for underlying aggression. Also, they can be used to increase hand and eye coordination. Video games are good for the brain. They are much better than sitting in front of a TV watching a sitcom.

Video games are good for young people because it gives them a sense of significance in the world. In the real world they have peer pressure, adult authority figures telling them what to do, and parents dictating their lives at home. Video games give kids a chance to take on the world, to solve a seeming serious problem, or to create something that would be unfeasible in real life.

Video games does not affect the rate of violence in the real world. Video games, television shows, books, radio programs, movies, and magazines are a reflection of society. Video game companies are in the money making business. If people did not buy their violent games the video game companies would produce more family friendly titles.

Video games serve as a pressure release on pent up frustration. This is not only the case for teens but for adult video game players as well. Perhaps if a disgruntled employee takes out his angst on characters on the TV screen instead of his real life colleagues then things could be improved. If instead of a teen joining a gang for a feeling of self respect, that teen could instead join in on a role player game where he can feel a sense of significance without having to resort to violence outside his house.

When I play games it is more so for entertainment and exercising my cognitive realm. Most of the day I work in front of a computer, I have pictures on the wall and interaction with people but sometimes I want to get my senses really going through highly intense gaming experiences. With the new systems it is akin to being involved in a movie you are watching, with realism increasing in games each year.

Recent video game systems are allowing people to exercise more often. The Nintendo Wii has a motion sensor controller which allows people to swing their arms as they are swinging a golf club or to punch and jab as in the Wii sports game. Exercise is a stress reducer. Video games are largely a stress reducer. Not adding violent games to the pack may only make the violence situation worse in the real world.

Violence is a human issue, not a technological issue. Before there were video games there were comic books. Would a rational person say that comic books were a great contributer to violence in society? I would think not.

Consider that if a disgruntled adult played a shooter game at home instead of taking a real gun out into the workforce. Imagine elderly adults playing video games, maintaining or enhancing their cognitive skills. Video games aren’t just for kids any more. They are a universal form of entertainment.

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Video Games Can Be Good For You

Millions of Americans enjoy video games-for the adrenaline rush, the companionship, the competition, and the chance to become a conquering adventurer, at least in a virtual world.

The good news is Americans don’t have to break the bank to play the video games they love. Turner Broadcasting System’s GameTap is one of the latest and greatest options for consumers to get their game on and experience all the good things about games. The first of its kind broadband entertainment network, GameTap ( offers hundreds of the greatest games across multiple platforms for an affordable $14.95 per month.

“Turner created GameTap because they wanted gamers to have a wide variety of games-a virtual vault-that allows them to experience all types of thrills including role-playing, action, and puzzle games,” says Stuart Snyder, General Manager of GameTap.

But in addition to being fun, can playing these games really promote self-improvement? Hold on to your controllers: some researchers and social critics are now arguing that video gaming has its virtues. It can speed reflexes, improve mental abilities and even reduce violence. While nobody is arguing for a 24-hour diet of video games, many observers now see some hidden values.

Consider research done at the University of Rochester in New York, which concluded that young adults who frequently played video games can improve their “video attention.” In one experiment, for example, test subjects were asked to quickly figure out whether or not a certain shape-a square or a diamond-appeared within one of the six rings. Video gamers came out on top. The researchers said that video games force players to simultaneously juggle a variety tasks, such as detecting and tracking enemies, and avoiding getting hurt. Those game-playing skills can translate into more general visual skills that apply to everyday life.

“We sometimes think of popular culture as a passive recreation, but there’s nothing passive about video games-they are the most interactive, demanding entertainment medium ever created,” said Snyder. “If the GameTap staff of overachievers is any indication, video games are a great way to learn how to think on your feet.”

Simulation games, where players design everything from roller coasters to cities, can get kids interested in mechanical engineering and urban planning. Wrote author Steven Johnson: “My nephew would be asleep in five seconds if you popped him down in an urban studies classroom, but somehow an hour of playing ‘Sim City’ taught him that high tax rates in industrial areas can stifle development.”

Johnson, the author of “Everything Bad Is Good For You: How Today’s Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter,” has become a prominent defender of video games. He has also entered the controversy over whether video games promote aggression, arguing that crime among teens and adolescents has dropped by almost two-thirds since 1975. Whether video games can take credit is a matter of strong debate, but Johnson suggests that video games may act as a safety valve.

Video games may even have therapeutic value. Mark Griffiths, a professor at Nottingham Trent University in England, argues that video games can help distract children undergoing chemotherapy and treatment for sickle cell anemia. The games may also work as physical therapy for arm injuries.

Like many researchers, Griffiths advocates moderation in game play. GameTap’s Snyder agrees. “At GameTap, we love games, we’re immersed in them, and we’ve got hundreds to choose from. But we also know the importance of putting the controller down. A virtual world can be fun, but there’s no substitute for the real thing.”

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Video Games And Your Child

There are video games that can be played on multimedia consoles in the home, or on a home personal computer system. The formats of these video games may be rated for an entire family to view, or the video games may be labeled strictly for play by people over the age of 21. These Mature rated video games contain graphic violence, and may contain lewd language and graphic content.

Before a parent invests more than $30 on any given video games collection, they may choose to rent several video games for their child to play to see which ones are a true delight, and which video games will be ignored after just a short time. Some video games are offered in collector’s series in decorative tins, and are cherished by all children who view them as a status symbol.

Many children think that their popularity at school is based on the number of video games that are in their collection, and the number of multimedia entertainment consoles they have in their home. There are several handheld models that are viewed as very desirable for youngsters because of their portability and compact features.

Many of the video games for the handheld game consoles require daily interaction with pets, and failure to participate on a day-to-day basis might cause people to move out of town because nobody is interested in them. This form of game play teaches children to keep appointments and remind them that there are people in the world that do count on them on a day-to-day basis.

The imaginary friends that some video games feature can make up for friends and pals that a child does not have in their real life. Children learn to repair their own self-esteem by making contributions to the games that are truly unique for their character. A gift of a fish is a big thing in some hand held games, and the gift of a new dresser can brighten a young girl day better than blue sky and rays of sunshine could ever hope to accomplish.

The competitive spirit of children learning to adapt in the real world, can be safely contained within the small cubicles of visual space provided in many handheld game console models. Children can use video games to teach themselves how to play basketball, football, and learn what it takes to be a competitor in a World Series Playoff.

As a child progresses through many experience levels in video games, their characters are not the only ones that grow strong. Children learn to make quick decisions, and manipulate screen data to make shots that are typical of a seasoned football or basketball player at a college or university level school.

These athletic achievements might seem quite small and insignificant to an adult, and generally are. Until the parents take the time to try and maneuver through course after course, they do not actually realize how hard some of those movements are, and think that many of the moves are unattainable. Savvy game players will quickly add salt to the wound. Parents must sit back quietly while their children beat them soundly with very few moves required in the entire game process.

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Video Games And Deals

There are many ways that people have fun. They may go out to movies, comedy clubs, amusement parks, etc. Many people just want to stay home sometimes, or either they don’t have a babysitter, and have not choice, but either way, they still want to have some fun. One way to accomplish this is to possibly have some friends over for pizza and board games, cards, or something similar. The person looking to have a good time at home could also rent movies to watch with their family and friends, or buy a pay-per-view movie off cable.

Some people rely on video games to keep themselves occupied, though. It allows the person to stay warm on a cold night, and have fun simultaneously. They can play video games with their kids, spouse, friends, or even by themselves. It doesn’t matter, as long as they have their favorite games and a comfortable seat, they are all set.

There are many types of games available, which makes it difficult for some people to choose. There are several versions of XBOX, Play Station, Nintendo, among others. So how is a video game buff to choose? He is usually able to choose depending on which system is in his price range, as well which system offers all of his or her favorite games. If a person is a big Nascar fan and Nascar games are only available for XBOX or Play Station, then a person probably wouldn’t want to purchase a Nintendo.

Some people aren’t picky about the type of game system that they have. All they want to do is play various games and they’re satisfied. This type of person is not hard to please, and would probably not require any of the most expensive systems, and would be just as happy with a Game Cube or Play Station 2. these no-so-picky people need to realize that they are settling for a cheaper system and it won’t provide them with all the cool, up-to-date graphics that the latest systems do.

It doesn’t matter what types of games or system a person likes. As long as he or she is able to enjoy playing them, it will provide hours of entertainment for a person to do with their family and friends, and sometimes alone. There will be no need for them to go outside their home, looking for entertainment. The entertainment is right in the comfort of their home.

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Video Games Tune In To What s In

The eternal quest for entertainment leads us to the virtual world of video games, and mind you it’s a huge world out there. With companies coming out with newer, revolutionary games, that are even more challenging, have enhanced graphics, integrated realism, and other awesome effects in their games practically every fortnight, it’s difficult to see which ones made the cut.

There’s a huge gaming community out there and it’s fair to say that what’s popular with them is probably worthy of a mention. However, scrubbing through the popular games to determine which one ranks top most is no easy feat.

While the top positions are constantly shifting around, some of the games that have made it to the top this year are:

Halo 3

This game is simply brilliant; it incorporates all that worked well in the previous “Halo” games and has mush more to offer. One of the key points that makes this game refreshing is the fact that the enemies in the game are perhaps as smart as the player itself so its all the more challenging and fun. The makers have also suped-up the multiplayer options and the feature of “Saved film” incorporates a PC idea with console like accessibility.

Super Mario Galaxy

An all time favourite and a legend in its self the Mario games have yet again made it to the top with Super Mario returning and a space adventure riddled with action that has enhanced gameplays and moves away from the dull and common routines making way for some really interesting variety. Packed with surprises the game feel fresh and new despite the fact that it probably a rehash of its predecessors. The graphics are great and sparkle, while the controls prove nicely tight. Is it any surprise then that Super Mario has made it to the top again?

Rock Band

It looks like the purchase of Harmonix by MTV is finally paying off. This game is lets four players, a guitarist, bass guitarist, Drummer and Vocalist have a blast on or offline through the revolutionary rock band rhythms game. It features loads of tunes licensed from several big record labels. Although it’s not completely perfect in the sense that it really lacks the “world tour” bit to give it that touch of making it big, Yet it give people a chance to explore a perhaps unfulfilled ambition as a musician in a rock band and it works out great as a substitute for those who just won’t be able to ever play onstage with real music instruments.


Designed for play on the Xbox and PC its setting is based in an alternative reality that’s an underwater battleground. There’s a lot of strategy and thinking involved in this first person shooter game. Attacks from mutants and mechanical drones that roam across this underwater world make for a very interesting game. An intriguing game it captivates the players right from the beginning where the primary player “Jack” ends up on the scene thanks to a plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean. From then on Jack makes his way through the game advised by different charters, he learns his of his origins and the purpose he is there. It’s a real thrilling game and definitely worth trying out.


Part of the 5 games constituting ‘The Orange Box’, ‘Portal’ turns out to be a pleasant surprise this year. This unique and innovative game is a puzzle of sorts with an excellent story line. The puzzle game is based on the concept of a special gum which is used to shoot portals and create worm holes to enter and exit them from time to time as well as to zap objects. The gun can be operated on almost all of the flat surfaces in the puzzle. What makes this game special are the excellent number of loops, comic narratives and excellent graphics and audio. The theme song of this game which you can hear towards the end is a work of genius.

Call of Duty – 4

Fourth release in the series of the same name, Call of Duty – 4 is a master piece from X-Box. This latest entry gives a powerful and dramatic sense of realism and a sense of immediacy to the player. The game offers you a choice of playing a US Marine as well as a British S.A.S. This gives the game a unique global appeal as players are drawn to it with a sense of loyalty and patriotism. Drawn from the latest experiences of war, this game will take the player across the globe, from one extreme battleground to another, be it the Middle East or Russia. Rendering images from the worst offerings of modern warfare, you will be enthralled by the reality of war and its effects in the real world. All said and done, this game will surely keep you on your toes.

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Video Games 101

Many parents find it hard to determine which video games and consoles would be the right choice for their homes. They want to provide their youngsters with the latest multimedia platforms but want to make sure that the system is fully compatible with the type of games that should be played by children in the privacy of their own homes.

It is important for children to feel that they have the coolest video game systems among their peer group. While certain hours of the day are allotted to completing chores and doing a large amount of homework, these youngsters rely on video games to add spice to their otherwise hum drum day of scholastic pursuits.

With more than 9 multimedia platforms to choose from, parents prefer to invest in one game console, that they can invest their money wisely in providing their children with a large realm of entertainment opportunities. Video games are rated for their level of violence and are designated for different age levels as well.

There are Internet toy websites that provide parents with enough information to make their video games a wise purchase. These Internet toy stores provide information on the technical specifications, design specifications and multimedia functions that each game console system has and parents make their purchases based on this reliable information.

If the multimedia platform has wireless capabilities then parents might be more prone to purchase video games that can be networked through the vast Internet framework to allow their children the opportunity to link up with friends and play video games with friends online at the same time when they are in two or more city locations throughout the United States.

Many parents use the video games website information to track new releases to ensure that their child has the latest video games on the market. These game versions are used a rewards for doing a good job on a school project or achieving stellar grades on their report cards.

The multimedia consoles available for playing video games are the Game Boy Advance Micro, Wii, DS, Game Cube, Game Boy Advance SP, Play Station, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Xbox 360 and the Xbox. The video game cartridges for all of these units are displayed in living color, and are simple to load even for the youngest video games player in the home.

Some of the latest video games are extremely interactive with a video games player. The Wii features interactive visual motion coordination that can be extremely humorous at time. This ingenious gaming platform allows multi-players to enjoy all of the motions that are performed in a game of baseball, including swinging the bat and running to first base. Children who play this action packed video games version are definitely going to be tired by the end of the day.

Games can be played through the use of wireless controllers, turbo controllers, steering wheel add-on devices, and dance pads. All of these video games require player interaction and quick thinking skills. They can be used as learning tools to help a child improve their motor skills, and help mentally challenged children improve their memory and response levels.

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Video Games

Back when video games first came out, there was Atari, and it came with games like Pac Man, Galaga, Millipede, and more. These games weren’t very expensive, and many households, despite their income, bought them for their kids.

Nowadays, there are numerous types of video games for several game systems. These modern game systems are a lot more expensive, making it difficult for every household to purchase them for their children. There is even a game system, the Nintendo Wii, which makes playing games feel like you’re actually on screen playing. If you are playing a bowling game on the brand-new Nintendo Wii, you actually roll a real bowling ball, and at the same time, you see yourself on the screen, actually playing. It’s a real technological advance! And it’s very fun and exciting for children as well as adults.

There are many different games for these various game consoles, such as football, basketball, baseball, and a real favorite for many people, Nascar. In the Nascar game, you can setup your own car, by choosing different tracks, just like you’re actually on a real race track. You can adjust the track bar on the car and change tires, and then it’s like you’re actually racing for the Nextel Cup, in real life. The graphics on these games are unreal, and it’s just like watching a game or TV. You choose the team that you want, and play someone else. Also, you can customize your game, and that is fun, too, especially when you’re beating your opponent.

There are also tournaments on these video games, especially the football and basketball ones. They will have up to a hundred people or more involved in these tournaments, and whoever wins first, second and third place wins prize money. There is also a show on ESPN that has actual tournaments, with the first prize being $100, 000. That certainly is a lot of money just to play a game on television. But there are so many people who practice frequently, just to be able to be part of such a tournament. They must figure out different defenses for their players, and the same for the offense. So, as you can say, video game playing is a billion dollar industry. And it’s obvious that they’re not just for kids, because what kid is going to be on ESPN? Not many, because most parents wouldn’t allow it.

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Video Games…are Good For You

While it may be disliked by parents, girlfriends and wives around the world, the video game industry is a permanent part of our world. From its humble beginnings in the 80s, the video game industry has exploded into a ten-billion dollar subculture.

Hopefully, you can use some of this information to help convince the non-gamers in your life that you’re not just wasting your time. It probably won’t change their attitude a great deal, but it should help. However, if you’re neglecting your homework, your relationship or your hygiene due to video games’well’this all won’t matter much.

Stress Relief
Video games are an excellent way to relieve stress. For the average non-gamer, in fact, spending 15 or 20 minutes a day playing an easy to learn, though difficult to conquer, game like Tetris or Minesweeper will do wonders for stress relief. However, the more complex and involved games may actually be more effective than their simpler brethren.

Some people read a book or watch a movie as a way to get their mind off of their problems. Basically, they allow people to be transported to a fictional world for awhile. In that area, video games are actually the most effective form of release, because they provide a deeper and more encompassing transportation.

Improved Logic
Logical thinking is, sadly, a skill that seems to be mostly ignored in public education these days. It’s truly sad because finely tuned logical abilities are critically important in our world. Nearly all video games train your mind in thinking logically.

Quicker Decision Making
This tends to go hand-in-hand with the previous example. Logical skills are a good thing, but they lose their luster if used slowly. Quick thinking skills are a good thing, but can be disastrous without proper logic. Putting the two together, however, can have an immensely beneficial impact on your life. Most games give you a time limit on reaching a decision, either in the form of a formal timer or in the form of somebody rushing at you with a shotgun or sword.

These three arguments are actually enough to make me believe that everyone should play video games. Everyone knows that stress relief is becoming increasingly important as our world becomes increasingly stressful. Quick decision making and logical reasoning are huge assets in life. So, the next time somebody starts ragging on you about ‘wasting your time’ playing video games, you can fill them in just a little bit on the fact that you’re actually giving your brain one heck of a work out!

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Video Games Playing with Imagination

It won’t be a bigger problem to find one video game lover in your neighbor. Since the introduction of Virtual Game, it has been achieving great heights so far as its popularity and technological advancement are concerned. The history of video game is as interesting as a fairy tale. The quality of today’s video game was not at all there when video game first conceptualized and played ever. During the formulative years, video games were created by using various interactive electronic devices with various display formats. The first ever video game was designed in 1947 by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. (Source: The device was recognized as Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device. From Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device to Xbox 360, PlayStation series or Nintendo WII, the story behind video games and accessories is really very creative and adventurous. Recently played video games are quite developed and they are more interactive than the earlier video games. From analog video game design to 2D and 3D video games all have their own charm and video game lovers try to play all sorts of video games. In this respect our team talked to John, who lives in Sidney, Australia. When he was asked about his preference about the type of video game, he replied, ‘Let me make it clear from the very beginning that I’m really crazy about video games. I’ve been playing video games since I gained consciousness’LOL’Really I’m serious. My father owns a video game store here in Sidney and we are still managing the same store. The only difference that you may find is the shelves. The old analog video games were replaced by 2D and 3D video games. We have several regular customers and they very often come to our store and ask for the LATEST. I too ask about their preference and they say they love to try any sort of video games. What ever that is competitive, they love to play. So far playing excitement of video games is concerned, they can be compared with the soccer match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

It’s not the quality of video games that improves, researches and developments are too evident in video game accessories, too. Without such accessories, the real excitement of video games can not be enjoyed. It’s pretty easy to recognize video game accessories. The video game accessories are just like computer hard wares. If video games are software, the most important video game accessories are consoles and D-pad. Currently several companies are manufacturing video game accessories. Some of the major players in the industry are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation series and Nintendo’s WII are high in demand.

Xbox 360 is the second video game console introduced by Microsoft in the video game industry. This was developed in association with IBM, ATI and SiS. Xbox Live service enables players to compete online as well as players can download other relevant content from internet. Xbox 360 is the seventh generation game console and currently challenged by Sony’s Play Station 3 and Nintendo’s WII in the market. Xbox 360 has broken several video market records as it has completely been sold out on its first launch except in Japan. Till January 3, 2008, 17.7 million pieces are sold out with 6.3 million in the United States only. Are you feeling the heat of video game? Then why delaying the purchase, go to your nearest BlueBearToys store or you can order online and can get better deal and great savings on your purchase! Logon to (Electronic and Gadgets Superstore) and order for Xbox 360 and other video game consoles NOW!

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