Your Source for Free Video Software

Your Source for Free Video Software

Play back YouTube clips on a portable player. Watch video clips created with a mobile phone on your PC. Publish video clips on your Web site or blog. Cut MPEG videos into smaller pieces that are easy to download. Upload video clips to YouTube. Do it all absolutely free!

If you have an iPod, iPhone or other portable device that is capable of playing back MP3 and video clips, you may have already encountered the limitations of the software supplied with the device by its manufacturer. Can you upload a flick from YouTube directly to your portable player or mobile phone with OEM software? Can you even save YouTube clips to your PC?

YouTube gained its popularity offering easy playback of video clips right in a Web browser without needing to install additional software to watch videos. This approach, however, has its limitations and drawbacks, one being the inability to save a YouTube movie to a PC. YouTube provides no means to do this, and makes no software that could save a clip to your hard disk. at offers ten free and simple tools that let you do that and much more! Extract and save YouTube clips right to your hard drive. Playback YouTube clips on your iPod with Free YouTube to iPod Converter. Upload the flicks to your iPhone with Free YouTube to iPhone Converter, or turn them into MP3 songs or mobile phone ringtones with Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.

Are you a frequent contributor to YouTube? Tired of using their Web-based interface for uploading multiple clips? offers a free alternative! Free YouTube Uploader is a viable alternative for uploading video clips to YouTube bypassing their Web interface. Have fun and upload as many video clips as you want!

Do you have a Web site or blog of your own? Ever wanted to impress your visitors with video clips? Turn your videos into Web-friendly Flash clips and enhance your Web pages with videos! makes Free Video to Flash Converter that turns any video into a streaming Flash clip that is easy to embed into a blog or Web site.

Have a large video? Want to cut off the titles, but don’t believe in re-encoding? Cut unwanted parts of your MPEG videos without sacrificing the quality with Free Fast MPEG Cut!

It was not long ago when mobile phone providers invented a new way to make money. They charge you for ringtones made of popular movies soundtracks. But did you know you can make these ringtones yourself – and absolutely free? Did you ever consider extracting that song from a movie, and make it your mobile ringtone? Free Video to MP3 Converter takes a movie in just about any format and saves its sound track into a convenient MP3 file! Make a compact file and use it as an MP3 ringtone without paying your mobile provider, and save it in high quality for future enjoyment on your PC or portable player.

Talking about mobile phones, do you ever record video clips with your phone’s camera? These clips are recorded in the 3GP format that cannot be played back on your PC directly. Free 3GP Video Converter converts your mobile phone video clips into movies that you can play on your PC or portable devices! You can even make an MP3 tune of your 3GP files. offers all of its video programs for free, and does not bundle any spyware with any of its products. Download yours at:!

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video conferencing software

Understanding Video Conferencing Software

With the emergence of virtual meetings, more and more people are still finding ways to improve the system. These people are IT technicians that continue to develop systems wherein people can benefit from faster and more efficient means of communication. In virtual communications, IT experts are more into developing better videoconferencing software because this is the major indicator how reliable the service would be.

Video conferencing software refers to the software that is used to communicate virtually. These come in different sizes and speed depending on the creator. In the Internet today, there are so many most reliable sources of video conferencing needs. Majority of them offer a complete package inclusive of reliable video conferencing software that is compatible to all integrated systems.

These sources are also offer complete multi-vendor management that has a secure, fully-integrated browser that is web-based. Its applications provide complete management of video communications and its systems as well as other IP devices.

Aside from providing video conferencing software, majority of the vendors also offer scheduling devices that serves as a scheduler for that user or its administrators. This involves a “time zone aware” and provides strong “point-to-point” as well as “multipoint” scheduling capabilities such as elimination of forward calling, intelligently planning of schedule, resource assignment, and calls establishment as well as re-routing of calls that are missed or failed.

When you download or buy video conferencing software, it also comes with a reporting device that has strong reporting using graphics. Through this, other formats can be integrated and formatted using tracks and service levels.

Choosing video conferencing software

Reliable video conferencing software is an integral part of successful video conferencing. This is why you have to be very careful in choosing which video conferencing software to use and where to buy it. Make sure that before you buy any video conferencing software, you conduct a simple research first for you to have an idea which one will suit your needs.

Research can be done by surfing the Internet and browsing various websites that talk about video conferencing as well as video conferencing software. Usually, the websites that contain these pieces information also suggest vendors where you can buy. When browsing, take note of the name or names of possible vendors and their links.

Once you get a considerable list of vendors, you can visit the link and look for yourself what each and every one of them has to offer. If you want to get opinions, you can visit the site’s testimonial page or create your own forum. You can also attend a crash course or online class on video conferencing or read from resource materials such as computer books and IT magazines for more information.

When buying video conferencing software, look for the one that include integrated flawlessly, has full features, and has multiple parties. Since this will be a solution wherein all participants and presenters connect to it using one web browser, other parties’those who wish to be seen’should use the industry standard that involves using a USB web cam.

Another major consideration in buying video conferencing software is that it should have the capability of managing all aspects that include audio video conferencing and its size, quality, and its frame rate.

These are very important considerations because you need a reliable system during meetings and get things done as soon as possible.
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Video Conferencing Computer Software

Video Conferencing Computer Software

When you have a meeting in your office nowadays, you are more likely talking with individuals around the world when you work for a corporation. Rather than using the telephone and creating a conference call, you can now use video conferencing equipment to get you talking around the world. Video conferencing equipment allows you to see the individual, their presentation or send your own presentation, and talk at the same time. You no longer have to fly around the world to get yourself heard and seen to be production. Video conferencing computer software allows you to hold these video conferences. It is not enough to just have the equipment you also have to have the computer software that will enable the connection.

When you are hosting a meeting with video conferencing computer software you are actually able to see everyone that is apart of the conference in the corner of your window will looking at the presentation. There are many different kinds of video conferencing computer software from E/pop to VCI. You will need to learn about the different video conferencing software available before you make your choice. It is important that the computer software is not only compatible with your computer, but also those on the receiving end. You will also find that video conferencing computer software is available as downloads on the Internet. Programs like Webex exist so that you can hold a video conference on your computer, more often, you still need to be on the phone for the sound to come across and then type in your responses so it is not as great as actually buying the computer software.

Make sure that your entire company has the same system to avoid issues with connecting. You will also need to have the most up to date computer operating system such as Windows XP to support the computer software. Most corporations will find that they can get a discount for the products when they are placing the computer software in all of their offices around the world. Most of these computer software programs are going to require at least 512 MB of ram and 1GB of free hard drive space to run efficiently. Remember with computer software if your hard drive is full, you will have a slower running computer.

Video conferencing computer software can also be placed on your home computer when you have a telecommuting position. The telecommuting positions often require you to do the work from home while staying in contact with your bosses. They will want to be able to contact you and see you face to face to make sure you are doing the job. This means that they may supply the computer software for the position or you may have to write it off as a tax deduction.

Video conferencing computer software will come with a disk that you will use for the installation process. You may need to have your IT tech department install the software on all computers to make the process easier, but most often you will find the step by step instructions with the disk so that anyone can upload the computer software. Video conferencing software is the future for businesses. You will no longer have to spend time flying to different offices to conduct business, which is going to save you a lot of overhead as well as time.


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Unified conference software audio video WEBconference for Intranet

Unified conference software: audio-video-WEBconference, for Intranet

WEBconference services over the Internet are more and more used mainly since their pricing mode switched from per minute per participant to fixed price per month, for unlimited use. In spite of that, its use has been restricted for security reasons but also due to enterprise culture which valorizes the use of internal resources instead of external service renting.

Nevertheless, benefits of conferencing technologies as audioconference, videoconference and WEBconference, taken separately, have been demonstrated as well as to save time than to reduce travel expenses. Imagine what it could be with unified conference integrating audio, video and WEBconference over the same PC interface.

Two conditions need to be met to improve the impact. First, unified conference need to be an internal resource as email, CRM or ERP, available at no cost simply with a mouse clic. More, the solution needs to reach a security level almost military and operates over an Intranet, on an enterprise local area network (LAN) and not over the WEB.

With this perspective in mind, Tele-efficiency offers now its unified conference solution, Conferenceware, as software with a perpetual license (One time fee) still exploiting it as a service over the WEB. In this case, enterprises acquire the software at fixed price and host their meetings over their own WEB server, on Intranet.

Professional services for installing and training are provided through a distribution network. This distribution network is composed of computer integrators mainly those who commercialize CRM solutions with which Conferenceware is integrated. The enterprises who offer voice over IP services find also an opportunity to up-sell their current customer base.

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The Best Software For Web Video

The Best Software For Web Video

When you have decided to start making web videos, you may think that you don’t need the assistance from various types of software. However, when you do use software to help with your web video you are able to create videos that are interesting, entertaining and good-looking. This is because with web video software they will take all of the guesswork out of creating a video, and will allow you to think more about the content you want to make, and not how you’re going to make it. There are some web video software titles that you should definitely own because they will help you immensely with the large task ahead of you.

Perhaps the best web video software available is the Easy Web Video. After you have used this software, you will understand why its title is the way it is. This is one of the only types of professional web video software titles available, and it is absolutely perfect for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have never shot a web video before, or if you have been doing this for years. You will be able to benefit from this software. What makes this software so great is how it simplifies the monotonous tasks that all web video filmmakers have to go through. It’s because of its way of streamlining the process of creating a web video that so many people will only use this software to make their videos.

Once you have a finished copy of your web video, you are able to easily upload and covert their video in a matter of minutes. Within this particular web video software, you are able to customize the html code as well as even put affiliate links inside of the video, which is extremely important for many Internet Marketers. This web video software is not to be missed, and if you are serious about creating a presence on the Internet through web videos, than you must have this software.

Another type of web video software is the Webmaster Mediamaker. This particular software is one of the most put-together software packages available for web video makers. With this software, you are able to perform many different tasks, all of which will simplify your life as a web video filmmaker. Whether you want to convert your video to flash or block websites from accessing your video, you can do so through this software. One of the coolest features about this web video software is its ability to let you change your video player appearance.

Now, with this software, you can have a video player that not only plays your videos with extreme clarity, but also, you can make the actual video player a great aesthetic asset to your website. When you’re searching for web video software, you want to have a program that allows you to customize your web video in all aspects. This is a great web video software title, and if you are looking for a way to create powerful videos, starting from the video player, than you will love this software.
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Flash Video Chat Software for Websites

Flash Video Chat Software for Websites has released flash video chat, video messenger , 1to1 video chat plugins for webmasters. These plugins can be easily integrated in any existing websites. The flash video chat plugins are compatible with postnuke,phpnuke sites too. provides professionally developed, fully managed flash audio video chat solution for websites. It is a multi-user flash audio video chat software developed in macromedia flash MX 2004. It uses Macromedia flash communication server for its good quality audio video compression. You can adjust the camera bandwidth/compression and quality for flash video chat as per your site requirements. You can also opt in for a Firewall/Proxy version that works with firewall using HTTP Tunneling on port 80. It is the one of the best flash video chat available on net which can be customized to meet the looks of your site. Some of its features are:
1) Stable Flash video chat front end
2) Compressed audio video streaming
3) Set video Bandwidth
4) Set video Quality/compression
5) Customize Gender, webcam icon
6) Create Private rooms(Advanced and Premium Plans)
7) Create static rooms
8) Create dynamic rooms
9) Control audio volume
10) Publish/un-publish camera, mic
11) Private messages
12) One click room change
13) Bold,Italic,underline text chat
14) smileys support in chat
15) color palette for font colors

16) Ignore/un-ignore users
17) View number of users in rooms
18) automatic detection of camera and mic
19) Easy to integrate
20) View Multiple cameras in Premium chat Plan

You can get an additional admin panel for flash video chat to control the chat in advanced and premium versions.
The admin features are :
1) Administer flash video chat in invisible mode
2) View public/private conversations
3) View/listen any user in chat
4) Kick users
6) Ban users for a fixed time.
7) Realtime Data Transfer Stats
8) Auto Deleting Dynamic Empty rooms
9) View Private Rooms.

Flash video chat Integration: It can be easily integrated with postnuke. Users logged in postnuke can be loged into the chat without any need to provide their userid again.
It can be integrated with asp, php, cold fusion, jsp… etc. There are no special requirements for its integration.

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Best Editing Software for your Web videos

Best Editing Software For Your Web Videos

Let’s say that you just got back home from an amazing day of filming for your web video. You are certain that the video will gain you massive amounts of attention and traffic to your website; however, as you sit down at your computer you realize that you are missing something very important – editing software. You can have the greatest camcorder in the world, however, if you do not have sufficient editing software, than your web video will look unprofessional and unappealing. Editing software is extremely important for anyone who wants to make web videos, because this is how your video is actually put together.

There are literally hundreds of different types of video editing software available for you to choose from, however, the results you will have greatly depend on the type of editing software you use. While many editing systems boast that they will give you amazing results, when you are a first-time web video filmmaker, you will need an editing software that is powerful, yet user-friendly. And throughout the years there are several editing software companies that have proven themselves in the filmmaking field. Perhaps the most popular editing software is Final Cut Pro. This great software will allow you to edit your video quickly, easily and professionally. Actually, many film industry professionals rely on Final Cut Pro to give them the high-quality results they require.

You can get these same types of results from Final Cut Pro, even if you are filming with an average grade digital camcorder. This is because within the Final Cut Pro system, you can add filters and effects that will create a web video that looks as if it was made by top Hollywood filmmakers. There has really never been an editing software that is so complete, and yet, so easy to use. Actually, Final Cut Pro has won the coveted Emmy award for its wonderful additions to the filmmaking world. Imagine what your web video will look like after you have edited it with this wonderful software?

Another great film editing software is the Windows Movie Maker. If you have a recent computer that runs on the Windows operating system, than you will most likely have Windows Movie Maker already installed onto your computer. While this isn’t the most comprehensive and professional editing software, it will still provide you with ample resources to compile a very professional and appealing web video.

It is true that the quality of your web video greatly depends on the camera you use, however, it also depends on the exact type of film editing software that you use. Even if you can’t afford the highest-grade editing software, there are still many great, and free, editing software suites that you can use, all of which will give you results that you’ll be proud to show off.
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