License Agreement

License Agreement

Royalty Free (Cannot Resell)

Basically, it’s applied to ALL free to download Motion Video Background Loops.

All our video clips are distributed with royalty free license. With royalty free license, you will have unlimited usage rights to all the files. That’s mean you have the right to use the files unlimited time in all your project including personal or commercial natured projects. You may use our video clips for your own movies and of course for free. You may alter, or incorporate according to the guidelines set out below into any work (including broadcast, commercial, industrial, educational, and personal) that is created by you provided that work is not sold or distributed as a single background, effect, dvd menu, dvd packaging artwork or as part of any background/effect/dvd templates library, collection, set or product. YOU MAY NOT: You shall not attempt to register a copyright or trademark in any of the video clips. No portion of this Limited License shall be interpreted to convey any copyrights to you.

Royalty Free (With Resell Rights)

Basically, you are required to purchase Resell Rights to the product. Buy purchasing the product, you are granted the following license. (of course! This is common sense. Since you have the rights to resell, you have User Rights as well) YOU MAY NOT: • Sell, sublicense or transfer resell rights to another person or company. • Giveaway our free and premium content to another person or company. • Upload and monetize our free and premium content on YouTube (except in accordance with the permitted use in a work created by you).

Royalty Free (Unrestricted Private Label Rights)

This is “Do What Ever You Want” UNRESTRICTED PLR LICENSE.

Buy purchasing the product with this license, you have 100% Unrestricted Usage License! Use them for whatever you like - Edit the Video Clip However You Want - Use For Yourself - Use For Clients - Use On Sites You Sell - Sell From Your Own Website - Keep 100% Of Your Profits - In short, use It sell it for whatever you can imagine


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